Posted by: ladybughugs | May 19, 2008

The Ladybug Story

Once upon a time hubbie and I built our dream home. It was everything he’d always wanted and I got a big, beautiful kitchen. Before the builders closed it in some ladybugs got in. Not just a few. They all clustered on the ceiling of the two story foyer and, in all, looked about as big around as a softball. There were hundreds of them. I wouldn’t let anyone do anything that would harm them in anyway. Ladybugs were good luck, after all. They were also beneficial, they eat pests that harm plants. As long as they didn’t bother me, why should we bother them?

We moved in mid-November, 1996. They were still in the house when we moved out in early February, 2002. Ok, so not the same ladybugs, but their offspring many generations down the line. The average lifespan of a ladybug is 4-7 weeks. So while we lived there you can imagine we vacuumed a lot of ladybugs that were upside-down on windowsills and on the baseboards. They were never an annoyance, never really came down from the ceiling in the foyer. Except, some decided to hang out over the windows one of the guest bedrooms. So folks started giving me ladybug-themed gifts. A pair of earrings here, a beanie there, an ornament at Christmas, you get the idea. So the ladybug thing stuck.

Last week, the day I started this blog, I left work, hopped in the minivan, and noticed a ladybug on the windshield right in front of me. I started up the minivan and pulled out of the parking lot. The ladybug stuck. I drove up the hill and down the other side and it was still there. Out onto the highway, still there. It wasn’t until I got off the highway and stopped at a traffic light that the ladybug flew away. That’s some sticking power! I can be that stubborn. I wonder if that’s an omen for this blog? I [heart] ladybugs.


  1. It’s no secret we have ladybugs in our house too. and we’ve pissed off one or two…to which they respond with that nasty smell as a defense mechanism. I wonder if that long ride on your windshield pissed that ladybug off and if he was feverishly trying to produce enough stink to defend himself!!! heehee I ccan hear him on your windshield now, “take that minivan!!!”

  2. Oh man, I feel the exact same way about lady bugs. They amaze me!

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