Posted by: ladybughugs | May 21, 2008

Two Weeks

So it’s been two weeks since this happened.

I’m still not over it. My normal commute takes me just over an hour in the morning by the time I drop off Scout at school and Lil’bug at daycare. That day I’d seen the electronic sign notifying commuters that the road was closed so I knew I was in for trouble before I’d gotten to daycare. I seriously considered turning around and going home. Instead I forged ahead and it took me an extra hour. An hour of burning over-the-top-priced gas.

I’m not originally from New Jersey so I don’t really know too many ways to get from here to there. There aren’t any other direct routes or even easy indirect routes from daycare to work. It took me an extra hour that day.

I guess I’m not over it because I still have these questions. WHY!? and What do I do if it happens again!? And worse, What do I do if something like this happens during the afternoon commute? At the end of the day I have just enough time to get back to daycare before the overtime charges kick in and sometimes I get there cutting it really close.

If it had been further north I could have used alternate routes. I like alternate routes. I like knowing there are alternate routes available, whether I need them or not.

I like my job. I don’t like my commute. I really don’t like spending $75/week just driving to and from work.

Edited to add:

LFM: No. The emergency services personnel did an awesome job. The road absolutely needed to be closed and they needed to proceed in the most cautious way possible.

Waiting it out was not an option. The road was still closed during the evening commute. I DID stop at Starbucks! Brilliant minds and all that! I also thought about stopping at Bottle King.

The problem is that it leaves me feeling so vulnerable. So at-the-mercy of outside influences. I used what I had at the time (a Jersey road atlas and a U.S. road atlas) to help me find an alternate route which was not the best route. There wasn’t enough detail on either map. If I’d had better information (say, a county atlas or a better knowledge of the area) the outcome would have been different.

I have never wanted/needed a GPS system as much as I do now.



  1. Would you have rather driven right past it and risked it blowing up while you were driving by. Sometimes these things happen, they just do…I would’ve recommended going to the nearest Dunkin Donuts or Starchmucks and waited it out or just gone home.

  2. next time you need to re-route, call me, SouthernSis… my one big Christmas present this year was a GPS and I can re-work a route to just about anywhere. I’ve gotten really good at it! Not being from AL and all, it can be confusing, frustrating and sometimes downright scary the places I’ve found myself in, but Tom and I go everywhere together and he’s saved my butt more than once! 🙂

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