Posted by: ladybughugs | May 23, 2008

Terrific Twos

Two can be such a wonderful age. (We’ll save the ‘terribles’ for another time, k?)

Recently Lil’bug has taken to stating, after Scout has been dropped at school in the morning, ‘I like my brudder.’ (I usually reply with, ‘I like your brother, too.’)

Even more recently she’s added, ‘He’s a good boy.’ (Yes, he is a good boy.)


Just as she turned two we tried teaching her to say how old she is. And she got it!

Ask her: How old are you?
She’ll say, loud and clear: TWO!

Scout never did that. Not at two.


A few weeks ago H and Scout got home from throwing the ball around at the field. She had just woken up from her nap. They weren’t at home when she went down. All of a sudden she starts, ‘What are you DOING.’ Over and over and over.

Later she and I were out and she saw a bag of chips. She wanted the chips. She asked for the chips. I was in the middle of a conversation and didn’t respond. She asked again. and again. I don’t know how many times. Finally, ‘Are you listening to me!’ Everything was stressed and enunciated exactly as I would have done. Awesome.

She’s wandering around the house now saying, “I just can’t believe it.” Of course she has the hand motions down (hands in front of her, palms facing up, elbows close to her sides, with a downward motion to the hands). I wonder what it is she can’t believe.

I just can’t believe some of the grown-up things that come out of her little mouth.


Earlier she was running through the house and scared the cat who got out of her way. Quickly. She actually apologized to the cat. If she’s not moving so fast and the cat is in the way she’ll stop and say ‘scuse me kitty’.


She is getting better at talking on the phone. I have a friend that I call regularly in the morning. Lil’bug is getting better about verbally responding instead of nodding or shaking her head. She’ll pick up an old cell phone or a toy phone and start talking to my friend or to grandma. Usually to report on her ‘brudder’. Sometimes to ask if they want to come over. I wonder if I could get her to teach this skill to Scout.

I usually pack a couple of Snack Traps before leaving the house in the morning. Sometimes for snack daycare offers sugary cereal and I’d prefer she not have those. Also their snack in the afternoon doesn’t hold her until dinner so she has something for the ride home from daycare. The past couple of days on the way home she’s pulled either a Cheerio or a Goldfish out of the cup and used it as a telephone. Yes, she called my friend on a Cheerio one day and Daddy and Scout on a Goldfish the next. I think I’m in over my head because she is way more creative than I ever was.

Sometimes the cuteness is overwhelming.



  1. i agreed about the cuteness! my little baby is turning two in a few months too. happy belated birthday to your little one.

    they are just so adorable huh???

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