Posted by: ladybughugs | May 28, 2008

All-American Girl

Memorial Day -- waiting for the parade

Scout marches with the cub scouts in the Memorial Day parade. Instead of parking at the beginning of the parade route and following the marchers I drop him off, drive to the school parking lot near the end of the parade route, and wait for the parade. This saves me from having to hike both ways with the kids and I have my van in case I need to go somewhere (like the Starbucks which STILL HAS NOT REOPENED) for something important. It also gives us a lot of time to play, and run around in circles, and give Mommy heart attacks (because it is still a parking lot, with CARS, even on Memorial Day).

Lil’bug passed the time giving Piglet rides in the stroller.



  1. What a cutie!

  2. Adorable!!! My god-daughter/niece is just beautiful!!!

  3. Love this pic! 🙂 She’s getting so big.

  4. poor ladybug… no Starbucks!!! I’ll have one for you, ok?
    LilBug is just so cute, who’d think she was the same child who throws tantrums after daycare!

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