Posted by: ladybughugs | June 2, 2008

Life with a Toddler

This is in response to LFM on her post 1.4 Update. If you haven’t come from there, you should probably go read it first.

HI-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi! cracks me up! and that Fr. William responds is hysterical!

You’ve got at least another year before you can expect good behavior in church. AT. LEAST. Scout was in kindergarten before he figured it out… and it wasn’t him. or me. I give full credit to Ms. W., his kindergarten (and first grade) teacher. I still walk out of church on occasion seething from his behavior. If ‘good behavior in church’ happens before she’s four, don’t tell me about it. I don’t want to know.

All I can say is, thank goodness for the ‘cry’ room. Last week Lil’bug wanted to sit in the front of the church with grandma. Ok, so maybe if she’d have stopped screaming (Lil’bug, not grandma) long enough to walk up there…. So, no. This week she fell asleep on me, AMEN!

My best advice: Diversions. Snack traps with Goldfish, with Cheerios, and something to wash them down. Soft toys. Nothing that would clatter or roll when it hits the floor. And yes, I meant WHEN, not IF, because eventually everything hits the floor. Consider yourself lucky if it’s not the kid. Have you seen Crayola’s triangular crayons? You know, the ones that don’t roll? So maybe they’re designed to facilitate correct handling of writing instruments, whatever, they don’t roll! They’re my new bestest friends. Those and a coloring book (or plain white paper) and you’re good for about 2.3 minutes of quiet. Also, Crayola’s ColorWonder markers don’t mark anything but the paper for which they’re intended. So you have to chase rolling markers AND their rolling caps, but they’re engaging (and therefore, quieting). Have her sit on the kneeler and use the seat as a desk. A favorite book (or books): but be prepared for some toddler-speak. Two weeks ago Lil’bug recited Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? in the cry room during church. We didn’t own that book (we do now). They must read it at daycare. I remember you being disciplined for your behavior in church. Up until recently Lil’bug thought church was a perfect place for a little cat nap. The price is getting up at 6:00-ish. By 10:00 a nap isn’t so far-fetched.

Next chance we get I’d like to take Lil’bug to the carousel at the mall. Last time we were on a carousel I think it was the bug carousel at the zoo. What was that? two years ago? OMG time flies! How is it possible she HATED the carousel at six months? Are 6-mo-olds supposed to care?

I guess Lil’foot will be one ‘happy camper’ next weekend when she’s camping with the cub scouts. I. CAN’T. WAIT! for she will truly be able to ‘live, sleep, breath and eat the outdoors.’


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