Posted by: ladybughugs | June 11, 2008


This season Scout has been playing in the triple-A league in baseball. Last year he played single-A. It’s remarkable in that he’s nine (he’ll be ten in August). All of the boys on his team are older. They’re bigger, faster, and stronger, which is to be expected between the ages of nine and 12. Of course a 12-year-old, sixth-grader is going to be a better player than my fourth-grade, nine-year-old. They look so big next to him. It’s hard to believe that he’ll be that big in just a couple of years.

He’s been a bit disappointed by his playing this year. We knew going into the season that it would be a learning experience. He’d be learning by watching the older boys and playing at a higher level. Last year in single-A many of the boys were still distracted during the game and picking dandelions in the outfield. He hasn’t given up, though. He’s still interested in pitching and the coach puts him in when they’re ahead by a lot.

This week H got a call from the 9-y.o. All-Stars coach. He’d been given Scout’s name by the director of the league. He wants Scout to try out for the All-Stars team. It took us by surprise because, in our minds, he hasn’t been playing well. I guess we’ve been comparing him to the older, bigger kids. But they want him for a nine-year-old team, which, I suppose, compared to the 9-year-olds in single- and double-A he’s probably playing better. He’ll play even better after a week of baseball camp later this month.

So does that mean he’s been drafted? to the All-Stars?


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