Posted by: ladybughugs | June 12, 2008

Divine Intervention, part II

I’ve had angels help me along in this thing called life. There are the obvious ones, of course, my mom, dad, siblings, husband, children, etc. It’s the less than obvious ones that I’m referring to. Not the kind of angel that pulls a person out from in front of a train at the last second. That’s obvious. The angels I’m talking about are the ones that you only recognize later, after reflection. In a larger sense I’m talking about the people, the events, the places, and the things that have had a profound effect on the direction our lives have taken, or…divine intervention.

There are more than a few events in my life that I’d categorize as divine intervention and people that qualify as angels. At least to me. One or two and I might have chalked it up to coincidence, but there are just too many to not give credit to a higher power.

First, way back when H and I were first married we were trying to figure out where we’d live. Housing prices in the area in which we lived were out of our range. We’d looked at various options in the county and surrounding counties where we’d both been born and raised. Nothing affordable was habitable.

One Tuesday (and I know it was a Tuesday because H always picked up the New York Times on Tuesday for the Science section), the newsstand where he always bought his paper was out of that particular paper. How a kiosk on a city street was out of a paper before the crack of dawn is inconceivable to me (divine intervention?). Anyway, he picked up a different paper. In it was an ad for a builder two states away. A place where we’d never considered moving. It’s too far. Too far from work. Too far from family. Too far. But look! New home. All ours! We choose the floor plan. We modify it to suit us. We upgrade what’s important to us. We pick the colors. There was probably an incentive to act quickly.

So we went and talked to the builder and we decided that we could do it. I was freelancing/temping so as long as I had a workspace I could continue to work. H could still commute to his job by bus, and the train rail was expected to be connected through any time. (HA! It’s been 12 years and it still hasn’t happened. HA!) It was also much more affordable than what we’d been looking at. So we went ahead and built our dream house. Two states away from everything we knew. It was a huge leap of faith.

The path we’d been on took a major turn because that newsstand was out of the newspaper that morning.

To be continued…



  1. Nice. I love little serendipitous things like this, that gentle nudge in a true direction when you don’t even notice the nudging. How lucky and fabulous that you’ve been able to build your dream home! I love the photo of your daughter. She’s totally adorable.

  2. […] Divine Intervention, part III This post is the third in a series of reflections on my life and how I’ve felt the hand of God in the course it has taken. You’ll find parts I and II here and here. […]

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