Posted by: ladybughugs | June 16, 2008

AAA-Division Champions!

Scouts team won the final championship game yesterday!

Most importantly, Scout played better than he’s ever played before. He hit the ball more than ever before and he scored more runs than ever before. He started at third base (which he’s never done before).

I did not get to see the whole game. We started our day volunteering/painting, went to the baseball picnic early in the afternoon, then I took Lil’bug home for a nap. She and I went up to the game when she woke up and the score was tied the whole time I was there. I had a commitment that evening (and was hot and sticky and needed a shower before going out) so I couldn’t stay until the end.

When I left the score was tied 5:5. Then the other team scored four runs in a grand slam (5:9). Scout’s teammates didn’t give up. Little by little they scored point after point until the score was 9:9. Then, in an overtime inning they scored again, 10:9. Scout’s team won with the last play of the game; catching a ball that caused the last out.

The coach told H that he saw the two of them practicing hitting at the ‘big field.’ When H pitches Scout can hit them one after the other. The coach also saw them practicing fielding yesterday afternoon before the practice-before-the-big-game. I think he was just happy that they were practicing! Together! Outside of scheduled team practices! H thinks that’s how Scout got to start the game on third base.

Scout really had his head in the game yesterday. Some days he’s off. Yesterday he did really well.

On to the 9-year-old All-Stars tournaments!



  1. Congratulations G-man!!! Good luck at the All Stars Game!!!

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