Posted by: ladybughugs | June 17, 2008

Dinner with a Toddler

For Father’s Day we had dinner at H’s favorite restaurant. I thought we should barbecue, because, well, he asked for (and received) a grill. Whatever. A few observations…

Lil’bug figured out ‘cheers.’ Well, sort of. I spent the time we were supposed to be figuring out what we were going to eat in the restroom with her. So when the server came to take our order I was not thinking straight and failed to order her meal. Then everyone else’s drinks came and she had nothing to ‘clink’ when we toasted H for Father’s Day. She made up for it throughout the meal. As in, every time she picked up her cup she had to ‘clink’ and say ‘cheer!’

One of her caregivers at daycare was the hostess at the restaurant. She was so happy to see us. Much more animated than she is at the end of the day when I pick up Lil’bug at daycare. I wonder why? She offered us animal crackers and a coloring sheet and crayons while we waited for a table. We declined, thanking her. We had brought our own and besides, we had things to do like two round trips to the restroom and only 55-60 minutes in which to complete them.

Q: How many times will a toddler have to use the restroom when you’re out to dinner? We were there for two hours.

Unanswered questions…

Why must _ fill in the blank _ (restaurant workers / cleaning people) stuff as many paper towels/napkins into their holders as they will hold? and then jam in more? Jammed so tight that you can’t get them out without tearing shredding them.

Paper towels and napkins tear shred much more easily when your hands are wet (like after washing your hands).

Why must a toddler always have a paper towel that has not been torn? I’m in trouble if she decides it can’t be wet.

I did a good job. After her third trip to the restroom and after washing up for the third time I decided it might be a good idea if I took a turn. So, back into the stall. Upon finishing she inspects (she who never misses a thing) and says, ‘good job, Mommy.’ I’m so glad it met her approval.

With Scout it was easier to keep things from him. A: he wasn’t as observant as Lil’bug is. B: it was easier to just ban/do without things like hard candies and foods with high sugar content and chokeables. So, I have a rule: if she sees it, and she can’t have it or be distracted by something comparable, you can’t have it either. So don’t pick up a hard candy, wave it in front of her, and expect to be able to eat it, because if she starts howling none of us are going to be happy. It happened after dinner. H had given Scout a hard-candy-type mint and Lil’bug noticed it. All the way home we had a rather loud discussion, to the background rhythm of ‘I wanna harr canny’, about how it’s not fair to expect a toddler to understand that she can’t have everything she sees.

I should have had dessert. Something chocolate, I think. Either that or a glass of wine.


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