Posted by: ladybughugs | June 18, 2008


I think I might be a bad influence on my daughter.

I am a coffee drinker. More accurately a half-caf drinker, a recent convert from decaf. I gave up caffeine years ago because of this. So, it’s not the caffeine I crave. I like my coffee hot, and strong, and dark. It can’t be too much of any of those. My favorite: Starbuck’s half-caf, grande, low-fat, mocha. The aroma, the flavor, and the heat all get me going, except in the summer, then I prefer it iced.

‘I need coffee’ is a common refrain in the morning. When Scout isn’t doing what he’s supposed to do? ‘I need coffee.’ Lil’bug is resisting everything? ‘I need coffee.’ I guess she’s heard me say it enough because she can tell when I’m having a bad time and she’ll ask, ‘you need coffee, Mommy?’ The answer is almost always a ‘yes.’ If you have to ask, the answer is probably a yes.

So now it’s morphed so that I can say, ‘Mommy needs…’ and she’ll respond, ‘COFFEE!’

I can walk into Starbuck’s and say, ‘Mommy needs…’ and she’ll add the ‘COFFEE!’ Of course she gets a kids apple juice. So now she’s developed a taste for Starbuck’s. She’s got her own reason for wanting to go. For her, it’s not just about me and my coffee, any more (although she will take a couple of sips of mine). If I get my coffee, she’ll get her Starbuck’s apple juice. It’s not as though she doesn’t get apple juice anywhere else, she just knows there’s something special about Starbuck’s and so their apple juice must be special.

H and I were sitting and talking yesterday before I went off to take care of some errands and I wanted to make sure I got everything we needed for the week. I asked H, ‘what do we need….’ Lil’bug chimed in, ‘COFFEE!’

~ ~ ~ ~
My son’s school sells gift cards (a fund-raiser) in the back of church on Sunday. They’re also available during the week in the school office, but it’s not easy to pull Lil’bug out of her seat and go in for them when, more likely than not, I’m already running late. So I get gift cards in the back of church almost every Sunday. A couple for this supermarket, a couple for that supermarket, another for this or that, oh, and one $10 card for Starbucks.

Lil’bug: I wanna hold it! Um, no, I am not giving a 2-1/2 y.o. the equivalent of $10 to lose. No. I pulled a depleted card out of my wallet for her to hold. So she danced around for a while holding her very own ‘Storebooks’ gift card. And she’d tell you it’s for ‘Storebooks.’

We pulled out of the parking lot and she asked if we were going to ‘Storebooks,’ and confirmed that she wanted apple juice.



  1. It’s amazing how good a read our kids can get on us, isn’t it? My son, Short Stack is just over two yeas old now and enjoys identifying things he knows. Especially, if it’s mine.

    “Dats daddy’s coffee”
    “Dats daddy’s beer”

    Also useful when I’ve set down my mug or bottle and can’t remember where it is. “Hey buddy, lets find Dad’s coffee cup!”

    Turkish Prawn

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