Posted by: ladybughugs | June 20, 2008

Communicating. We’re Good At It.

Working full time and chasing after two kids plus keeping up with the various activities of the older of the two I tend to get a bit distracted. So many times plans change and I either forget to tell H or think about telling him so many times (at the wrong times, like when he’s asleep or while I’m in the shower or driving) that, eventually, it seems that I did tell him. Many times the plans don’t affect him so, what difference does it make if I tell him or not? I’m also vaguely suspicious that some things he doesn’t know because he wasn’t listening when I told him!

We also have a very detailed calendar, highlighted in different colors for each family member, with a fifth color for family activities and a sixth color for Cub Scouts, which I revise and print at the end of the previous month and after major revisions, like the All-Stars game schedule that just came out this week. H gets one copy and I post another copy in a central location in the house.

Most of the time I’m pretty good about letting him know if a plan changes. Sometimes, though, a bit of information slips through the cracks. He gets irritated with me for not keeping ALL of ‘it’ together.

Well, today I was surprised to see him when I woke up. I didn’t ask about it then, I was too busy getting the morning routine on track. He was supposed to go to work, work a half day, and then head off to visit with a bunch of friends that are getting together to play a gig. When he left I figured he was going to work. He called a while later, from the car, to tell me he had the E-Z Pass and if I decided to go somewhere that required tolls be forewarned. OK.

Just before lunch he called to tell me he didn’t get to see one of his friends, a man he’d worked for during college, because he was away with his wife for their 30th anniversary. Whoa, what? You’re there? What happened to working a half day? Did his plan change?! Did he tell me?! Oh, well it didn’t affect me and it didn’t seem important to tell me.

Hmmm… wonder where I’ve heard that! How is it he gets to use that excuse and not me?


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