Posted by: ladybughugs | June 25, 2008

A Summer Friday, in bullets

My company offers employees an opportunity to work an extra 45 minutes each day and take off every other Friday (or half days every Friday) during the summer. I have chosen to take every other Friday off (gas prices being what they are and also, what’s the point of driving 2.5 hours so you can work 4?). Now, the policy is so that employees have extra time with their families and time to enjoy the nice weather. This was my day, in bullets:

  • Pick up second-hand stroller (we had just put one at the curb that Monday)
  • Pick up items forgotten at recent party we attended
  • Credit union (deposit), realized that I needed three checks for other stops and had only one in my checkbook, got two cashier’s checks (hold on…okay, back, figured I’d put checks in my checkbook while I was thinking about it)
  • Daycare, payment (cashier’s check #1), pick up excema cream (forgot the second part, rats!)
  • Register Scout for gymnastics camp (cashier’s check #2)
  • Drop off check for friend
  • Recycling center
  • Lunch
  • Target (refill on excema cream, out of refills, ped called, Rx refilled)
  • Starbuck’s (’cause, after the day we’ve had, Mommy needs coffee!)

Now, I don’t think this is what my employer had in mind when they so generously offered this program. I know it’s not what I was thinking when I accepted it. I kinda’ had it in my head that we’d have time together as a family to go to the beach, take some day trips, you know, have fun! Many items on the list were important and needed to be done during working hours so I’m glad I had the day off to accomplish everything. It’s also very nice that these things are no longer hanging over my head. But, man, I could really use a day off, because just recounting all this is exhausting!

It also makes me wonder why Summer Hours can’t happen all year long. I’d really like a day every couple of weeks to take care of business and get a couple more chores done around the house. A day to make doctors/dentist appointments. You know, the things that it doesn’t make sense to take a whole day off from work to accomplish. Does your company offer summer hours? Flex time? What do you do with it?



  1. I have a couple of Fridays off a month to help compensate for the overtime hours I work during tax season. I feel a little guilty admitting that I do practically nothing constructive on my Fridays off. I think I make a point not to rush at the gym and I usually eat lunch with a friend. Wait a minute. Sometimes I make a Target trip too. Now I don’t feel so badly.

    I don’t know if Scout is your daughter’s real name, or if you’re using it as a code name to protect her privacy…but either way, I love that name. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorite books.

  2. […] Summer Friday! Last year I chronicled one of my Summer Fridays, bullet style. For some reason it continues to attract a lot of attention. Go figure. I love the […]

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