Posted by: ladybughugs | July 1, 2008

Living to the refrain of ‘huh?’

It’s not ‘why?’ or ‘what?’ that’s making me krazee, these days. It’s ‘huh?’

Everything I say gets greeted with a ‘huh?’ The ‘huh?’ is short and soft, not long and drawn-out or whiny. It would actually be kind of cute if it wasn’t so annoying.

Me: Lil’bug, please get your shoes on, we’re going in the van.
Lil’bug: Huh?

Do you have to go potty?

Do you want to watch Dora, Diego, or Backyardigans?

Do you want yogurt, cheese, or fruit?

If I had $1 for every time I’ve heard ‘huh?’ I probably wouldn’t be feeling squeeeeezed!

This, does not get ‘huh?’

Lil’bug, want to go to the playground?






  1. have you had her ears checked? Or maybe you should try saying her name and making sure you have her full attention before every sentence. Mine were like that for a while… ok, who am I kidding, they still are! 🙂

    are you kidding! she’ll hear a candy wrapper two states away and come running to investigate! she’ll say it when I’m down at her level, 18 inches away, and looking her directly in the eyes. oh, yes, her ears are fine, she’s just being ‘selective’.

  2. Yeah, mine do that, too. Come to think of it, so did we. 😉

  3. i feel you on the “huh”! my 2-year-old son says it all the time. another favorite of mine is “are you talking to me?” and that usually comes after i ask “do you need to go potty?” ha!! like, no son, i was talking to daddy. of course i’m talking to you!! haha. kids are hilarious.

  4. My 3yr old Caitlin would go “Hah?” Local for “Huh?”

    And I would correct her with ” ‘Pardon’… Not ‘Hah’..”



    Very cute pics, by the way!

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