Posted by: ladybughugs | July 2, 2008

He couldn’t have planned this…

Tonight Scout had basketball clinic. The school teams have had trouble being competitive in the league and the clinic helps the coach to keep them thinking about the game and practicing their skills until school and the season starts in the fall. He doesn’t really spend a lot of time on any one drill, but gives the kids stuff they can practice on their own.

At the end of practice he has one of the children shoot a foul shot. If he/she makes it everyone goes home, if not, they all run back and forth the length of the gym.

The first child, a girl in Scout’s class (going into fifth grade), is one of the most athletic children I know. While running laps in the gym she beat every one, male/female, older/younger, every time by a wide margin. And… she didn’t make her shot. The kids ran to the stage and back.

The second child up was the first child’s twin brother and also a star athlete. Both of these kids come from an uber-athletic family. The mom and dad not only coach their kids teams, but they both also participate in team sports. The boy and his older brother both went to the same baseball camp that Scout was at last week. The whole family takes sports seriously. And… he didn’t make his shot. The kids ran again.

The third child, the coach’s son and another of Scout’s classmates, also missed his shot. The kids ran the gym again (and I’m ready to go home, already). It looked like the coach was picking the kids most likely to make the shot.

The fourth child, a girl… entering 3rd grade and the youngest sibling of the twins (above) and one of the smallest children in the gym (except Lil’bug, of course, who wasn’t participating even though she wanted to oh. so. badly!), either jumped the highest or raised her hand the fastest or shouted the loudest (or possibly all of the above) when the coach looked around to pick the next shooter. In any case, she was chosen to be up next. 

All of the other kids were all ‘what? but she’ll never make it!’

She wasted no time in getting to the foul line closer to the basket and lining herself up. She was not giving the coach the chance to change his mind! In a second she heaved the ball up towards the basket… and it went in! And the crowd went wild! No one expected that! Not the boys coach, not the girls coach (the child’s mother), not the kids. It was awesome.

That was one of the most spectacular sports moments I’ve ever seen.


  1. honestly thought you were going to tell me Scout made the shot.
    Good for the 3rd grader, tho.
    Maybe Scout’s turn next time?

    I love that no one expected her to make it and she did! Best sports moment the world will never see. ~mj

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