Posted by: ladybughugs | July 3, 2008

What is She Thinking?

Some of the things Lil’bug says amaze me.

  • Tuesday morning I was getting her dressed for daycare. When we were done I showed her the shirt she’d wear on Wednesday (daycare wanted all of the kids in red, white, or blue). She decided she wanted to wear it then, on Tuesday. I told her no, it was for tomorrow. Things started to deteriorate and I recognized the stubborn coming out. I cut it short by telling her Miss M wanted her to wear it tomorrow (Wednesday). (Miss M is the center director.) It worked! Because Miss M said so!
  • the other Miss M at daycare is her primary caregiver. I’m not sure where she’s from (I want to say Southeast Asia), I haven’t asked because I don’t want to pry. In short, she is phenomenal. I don’t get to see much because, well, Lil’bug is there so I can be at work, but what I’ve seen, I love. She is a hard worker, she is always busy. She is wonderful at engaging the children (all aged 24-30 months, or so). She is a master at distracting them at drop-off to help ease their transition. Lil’bug loves her too. Whenever we talk about daycare she talks about Miss M.
    Me: Are you going to do art?
    Lil’bug: I do art with Miss M.
    Me: Did you go outside?
    Lil’bug: I went outside with Miss M.
    Today is Lil’bug’s last day in this room. On Monday she’ll move up to the next class. We’ll really miss Miss M.
  • at a baseball game recently she headed over to the backstop and then the players’ bench on the far side. Of course, I went after her. She turned around to me and asked where M was? I thought she was looking for Scout. M is one of Scouts friends, a classmate, a cub scout, and a basketball team member. He lives two towns over so no, he wouldn’t be on Scout’s baseball team. He’s terrific with her. He always greets her with a big hug when he sees her (most of Scout’s friends do). I think we might have our first crush.

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