Posted by: ladybughugs | July 3, 2008

What is She Thinking?

Lil’bug says a lot of funny things. It amazes me what she knows, what she remembers.

  • she doesn’t like the big wall. The highways in our area are lined with big concrete walls that act as sound barriers for the residential neighborhoods nearby. She’s been fascinated by the big wall for MONTHS! It started with ‘That’s a big wall.’ (Yes, that’s a big wall.) and ‘That wall’s too heavy.’ (Yes, that wall is too heavy.). Now she’s up to ‘I don’t like that big wall.’ (OK, not much we can do about that.)
  • she comments on everything she sees as we’re driving. The color of the cars and trucks. The cat who sits in the window of the house where we sit for the traffic light. The doggies she sees in the cars. Scout’s school. I can almost hear the wheels turning. She censors nothing. If it pops into her head, it comes out her mouth. On the corner by one of the traffic lights we almost always stop at there is a car in the driveway in front of a house. The car was in some kind of accident. There is slight damage to the front end and significant damage to the rear end. She noticed it a couple of weeks ago and we had a long conversation about how cars get broken/smashed when you don’t drive carefully. Every morning since has been like Groundhog Day, the movie. (I loved that movie. I can’t believe it’s been 15 years!) I wonder how many mornings we’ll have that same conversation.
  • she is obsessed with traffic lights. If she has nothing else to comment on she’ll start chanting ‘red means stop, green means go, yellow means slow’ as we’re driving along. At the traffic light she states that ‘red means stop’, when the light turns green she lets me know. There are green lights that look blue when they’re not lit. She has noticed this and asks what blue means.
  • she’s got a good sense of direction…and she’s not afraid to tell me where to go! For some reason she wants to turn left out of the driveway at daycare. There are at least two signs there that indicate ‘no left turn.’ She knows when we’re close to Scout’s school and she always wants to stop and see the kids. She knows that we turn ‘that way’ at the light by daycare.
  • Last night she had a fit when we turned up the road away from a small lake about a mile from our house. In a fit: ‘I don’t wanna go home!’ More screaming: ‘I wanna go see Scout and Daddy at baseball game.’ Scout did not have a baseball game. Continued fit: ‘I wanna go to the baseball game.’ Period. She refused to get out of her seat. When I unbuckled her she re-buckled. I called H in the house, from the driveway, to please come get her. Oh, the teenage years will be such fun!

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