Posted by: ladybughugs | July 8, 2008

Movie Review

Last Sunday we went took the kids to the movies. Now, to most people this is no big deal. But, this was Lil’bug’s first movie theater experience. It was the first time we’d all gone to the movies together as a family in almost forever. I’ve taken Scout to see various movies. H has taken Scout to see a movie or two, but this was all four of us… together! Care to guess what we saw? Hint: it’s the only G-rated movie out there right now.

Here it is.

First, I need to back up. On Friday H and I were talking about a plan for the weekend. Saturday morning was booked and the day in general was looking like a better day for being outside and accomplishing outdoor chores. We decided to shoot for Sunday which the weather forecasters were promising to be soggy (pfft, weather forecasters, just pfft). So, on Saturday afternoon we planted the four pumpkin plants that had survived in the space we cleared for them.

I took the kids home after church on Sunday. I might have stopped at Costco for movie tickets, but was afraid to make that kind of commitment unless we were on our way to the theater. When we got home there were still many loads of laundry left to do. Some folded that needed to be put away. Some dried that needed to be folded. … and at least two loads waiting to go into the washing machine. Neither H nor I were really into making decisions. What are we doing about lunch? and Lil’bug’s naps are much easier to make happen after she’s had lunch. What about dinner? Do we really want to attempt this?

Finally, Lil’bug went down for her nap at about 3:30 (late) and slept until about 6:30 (very late). Since she’d slept so well we figured we could do it. The next show was at 7:45 (trailers, feature starts 10-15 minutes later) which meant we’d be out until 9:45 (more than an hour past the kids’…and H’s…bedtimes). We went for it… and I’m glad we did! Lil’bug did a remarkable job of sitting still on my lap (most of the time), Scout enjoyed it tremendously, H and I really enjoyed being out together as a family and everyone having a good time.

The movie was terrific. It appealed to, and held the attention of, all four of us. It was more than just a kiddie flick. There are social, ecological, and moral issues to get adults thinking. The best part is Lil’bug’s impression of WALL-E saying his own name. The DVD may find its way under the Christmas tree this year…



  1. That’s great!

    I don’t dare to bring my 3.5 yr old Caitlin to the pictures yet, cos I can’t say for sure she will enjoy the whole experience, of sitting in the dark, sitting still, sitting quietly, and if she’d enjoy the movie choice!


    I guess the experience really has to be tailored to the individual child. For example, if a child will watch a certain video at home or will sit still for a certain length of time then we should be able to transfer that to sitting on our laps for a similar movie approximately the same length in a movie theater. Lil’bug wasn’t ‘still’ on my lap the entire time, but was captivated enough to be able to stretch her legs and come back without disturbing those around us. ~mj

  2. oh, that’s wonderful!! my 2-year-old screamed his head off when we tried to take him to the movies a couple months ago to see alvin and the chipmunks. i think it was mostly because the movie had already started so the theater was pitch black (there must’ve been a really dark scene at the time because we could hardly see). thankfully even the folks outside of the theater heard him screaming so we were able to get our money back. 🙂

    I have to wonder what they’re thinking when we take them into a new situation. Since we were there on opening weekend we got there extra early so we could get seats. The theater was well-lit (lighted? anyone?) and not too loud so she got a chance to settle in and adjust to the experience before the lights went down. ~mj

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