Posted by: ladybughugs | July 18, 2008

Driving Me Crazy!

  • I need to preface this by saying I love animals. It kills me to hear of animals being mistreated. Having said that: Have you ever see this: ‘Caution: Horses,’ or this: ‘Show Dogs on Board’ while driving? I do my best to drive carefully. All. The. Time. So they must be talking to the other guy, right? You know, the idiot who is speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, cutting folks off. So, what, do they expect the idiot driver to all of a sudden drive more carefully because they’ve got a horse or a dog? Does the idiot driver actually know he’s an idiot? Do you think the he really cares about a horse or a dog? Also, if something out of my control happens and I have a split second to make a decision, I’m supposed to choose between a horse trailer, a soccer mom’s minivan, and a semi? If I even have a choice! But if I did, you know who is coming out on the short end of this scenario, don’t you?
  • peeve: people who try to drive while talking on a cell phone. This morning there was a woman in a BIG SUV trying to back out of her parking space, then turn the steering wheel so she could drive, and put the truck in ‘drive’ instead of ‘reverse’ all while talking on her phone. If you’re in a parking space and you are talking on your cell phone stay there! and finish your conversation! then drive!
  • related: months ago I pulled through an intersection when the light turned green. Not wanting to get blocked in by traffic that had the right of way a woman in a BIG SUV pulled out of the Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot right in front of me attempting to turn left. The traffic was still stopped at the light in that direction (traffic in my direction had a left turn signal). So we all sat there, she with her cell phone in one hand waiting for traffic to go, me watching her. Finally the light changed and the traffic in front of her started moving so she, never skipping a beat of her conversation, tried turning the steering wheel of her big SUV (she really should have had both hands free, as above). I beep at her and she flips me off! As if she had a hand free to do that!
  • I think the state is in it with the oil companies. Really. The more we use the gas and brake pedals and sit idling at traffic lights the more gas we use in our vehicles. So why aren’t the traffic lights on a state road near me synchronized during rush hour so that, if one is keeping to the speed limit, one can cruise along without all the stop/idle/starts? Why are we forced to stop at every. single. traffic. light? But then, they’re already getting tax money on each gallon of gas sold, right? So yeah, maybe it’s in their best interest to not synchronize the lights.
  • Yesterday morning an auto insurance adjuster nearly rear-ended the guy in front of him on the highway. (I’m assuming it was an adjuster because he was driving a company car…custom paint job…company mascot on the side door…company name all over it.) We were already in stop-and-go traffic. I heard his tires squeal as he stopped short. How ironic would that have been?

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