Posted by: ladybughugs | July 28, 2008


I’ve noticed a phase in Lil’bug. She’ll pair two completely different toys and will carry them around with her everywhere.

For example, a small resin panda and a red Matchbox car. We picked up the small panda and a larger ‘mama’ panda at a craft store several months ago while looking for a camel for a school project that Scout was working on. She carried the mama and baby pandas around together for quite a while. Mama panda went missing and baby panda hooked up with the red Matchbox car. The two went everywhere together for about a week and then were set aside. She carried them around the house. They went out with us. They stayed together in the van so they wouldn’t get borrowed at daycare or lost in a store. Mama panda has resurfaced so they’re back together again.

Before baby panda and the red Matchbox car it was a small blue rubber frog and a larger red car (a 1:34 Toyota Celica). The Celica has doors that open and when pulled back along the floor and released will zip off. When smooshed, the little blue rubber frog will fit into the front seat of the car. And it does so a lot. Preferably in the proper sitting position, facing the front with its bottom on the seat. It can be quite distressing when it’s not sitting properly.

I understand the pairing of her little pocketbook and her toy cell phone and sunglasses. I understand her wanting to take all of her babies along when we’re going somewhere because really how can a mommy pick a favorite (although at the current population of four that can get quite cumbersome since she can’t carry that many). I get her wanting to take her pink softball and glove to Scout’s baseball practices and games.

The baby panda and red Matchbox car, though, has me stumped.



  1. Hehe! Ours is not to ask!

    Late at night, long after he’s supposed to be asleep, I can hear Short Stack whispering adventures to himself in bed. I can never quite make out what he’s saying but I’m willing to bet that, if remembered, they will be played out with his toys the next morning.

    -Turkish Prawn

    Isn’t it amazing to see how their ‘wheels turn’, how their minds develop, how thinking processes that you didn’t notice last week are all of a sudden there! Obvious! Their play becomes a window to their minds. ~ladybug

  2. Baby panda must look stylish in her red matchbox car. Remember Little Bro and ALL his cars? Mom practically needed a moving van every time we went out to hold all the things we carried around. And don’t forget LFM’s Bot! Remember the time she left it at Caldor and we had to go back for it?!

    IF they take anything into a store it’s with the condition that if it gets lost, it’s gone. There’s no going back. My van is constantly accumulating items we must take with us. No one is interested in taking them out, though. ~ladybug

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