Posted by: ladybughugs | August 4, 2008

Best Friend

I’ve found a new best friend here. They’re all-natural and don’t leave me feeling drugged or hung-over the next day. They’re helping me ‘turn off’ my brain so I can fall asleep and they’re non-habit-forming. The next best thing? 4 Kids.

Now, before you go all…‘what! drugging your kid!’ on me, the pediatrician and pharmacist have both ok’d them… and I use them very sparingly… like maybe once every couple of weeks.

As an example, we were out late one night and Lil’bug was overtired and overstimulated. She was spinning in bed like the Twister game spinner, flopping around, and generally restless beyond words. Ten minutes after giving her two of the tiny quick-dissolve tablets she’d stopped spinning and tossing herself about. Ten minutes after that she was out cold. She woke up perky and happy, not groggy or dopey. 

This was not our first experience with this brand, the Teething Tablets got us through some very rough times (again with the pediatrician’s and pharmacist’s approval).

The company has over 100 years in the industry. I like that the products are all natural, reducing our reliance on pharmaceuticals. I like that my pharmacist believes in them and the pediatrician gave them his blessing. I think I might stock up on their Sniffles ‘n Sneezes before cold season sets in.

Am I the only one who has heard of these? Tried them? Had success with them? Because I don’t hear a lot of people talking about them.



  1. they’re not available down here. guess I need to get some next time I’m up north. or have someone send them to me.

    They can be difficult to find. Health/natural food stores. My Target pharmacist can special-order them. They’re available at

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