Posted by: ladybughugs | August 12, 2008


One of our favorite summer traditions is the fireworks display in a neighboring town. Usually they’re on July 4th, but this year the weather forced them to be pushed to the rain date. They were worth the wait.

Going in, Scout was a bit on the moody side. We went early so we’d be able to park in the same zip code and so we’d be able set up our chairs and blankets while the sky was still light. He thought he’d be bored and wanted to take his Nintendo DS. We didn’t want it to get lost in the dark, so no. He took a book from his summer reading list instead. It didn’t take long for his mood to turn, though, and it wasn’t because he had brought his book along. Five minutes after we sat down he was off running with his friends from school. Younger siblings soon came and collected Lil’bug to join in the chasing and games of catch.

The only thing better than fireworks?

More fireworks! Our fireworks come in two installments. Every year our community has a festival weekend that includes carnival rides, contests, a parade, a 5K race, and topping it off, fireworks! The weather wasn’t the best (it was very humid and the absence of a breeze combined with the smoke from the fireworks and the humidity in the air caused a foggy haze that obscured the higher bursts). It didn’t dampen our mood, though. We sat side-by-side with our friends and neighbors and enjoyed being together.

Lil’bug wasn’t so thrilled with the noise, which we were prepared for since Scout didn’t like it when he was two…three…four…five. When he was little we purchased ear protectors from a local sportsman’s store. The problem was that we only used them once a year, in July, so they could never be found the next year. So we’d buy another pair. The third and fourth years we sat inside and watched them from behind the big picture windows. Fortunately, Lil’bug is content sitting on my lap with my hands over her ears to muffle the sound, so we get to sit out on the lawn with our friends and neighbors. It adds a lot to the experience…makes it more special, somehow.

I asked Lil’bug if she enjoyed watching the fireworks.

She said they were ‘beautiful’.


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