Posted by: ladybughugs | August 21, 2008

The Things They Say…

I stayed home with Scout yesterday. He had come home from camp sick on Tuesday. Sore throat, stuffy nose, coughing. So I called the pediatrician to make an appointment figuring, eh, it’s probably just a summer cold, but I could use a day to get a couple of things done.

So, I took Lil’bug to daycare, figuring more would get done at home and she’d spend less time around him and therefore would be less likely to pick up whatever bug he was fighting. Delusion at it’s best.

But no, she wanted to go to the doctor’s office. (huh? can you tell my kids don’t get sick much?)

Um, no. We’re here (at daycare), you are staying. I will bring you a lollipop from the doctor.

The pediatrician has late hours on Wednesday (noon to whenever) so I had to wait until after noon to call and make an appointment and then the earliest was 6:45. So, at 4:00 when I picked up Lil’bug at daycare there was no lollipop.

Lil’bug: I wanna go doctor office?

Me: Later, we’ll go home and see Daddy first.

Lil’bug: Go see little monkeys jumping on the bed? … No more monkeys jumping on the bed.

The only little monkey jumping was my Lil’bug…with the lollipop in her mouth. Um, no.

Oh, just wait until her three year check-up. She won’t be so interested in going back again too soon after that! In addition to her regular vaccines, the State of New Jersey is now requiring the flu vaccine for all children six months to five years in daycare and/or preschool (don’t even get me started on this). I don’t think she’s had any vaccines since her 18-month visit.

Oh, I can’t help myself… I asked about the flu vaccine at her two year check-up and the pediatrician talked. me. out. of. it. Now the state is requiring it, in my opinion against medical advice.



  1. The monkey song is a favorite with Short Stack as well. He’s not a fan of the doctor’s office but not for the reason you might think.

    The last few times we’ve gone, it’s been for Lulu Belle. She’s only been part of his life for four months now but he has become FIERCELY defensive of her. He really doesn’t like it when someone other than mom or dad is holding her, let alone poking her. That, I guess, is his job.

    As for flu shots… I don’t do them either. It just bugs me. I don’t care for invasive medicine unless really necessary.

    -Turkish Prawn

    What a good boy, looking out for his little sister!
    I am steamed about the forced flu shot. How is it the state gets to decide? It’s the only state that does. GRRR!

  2. This year’s flu shot is going to be really good b/c it’ll cover more strands than just one. I think it’ll be a good thing and it can’t hurt. Last year’s flu hit hard and was nasty. They chose the “not so prevalent” strand.

    It’s the principle of it. The fact that I have to explain to the 3-yo that she has to get four sticks instead of three (how does one even begin to explain that to a 3-yo), and then go back for a second dose a month later (b/c the first time a child gets it it’s two doses). The fact that the state is pushing this (WHY?). I don’t see them volunteering to pay for it. The fact that the pediatrician talked me out of it last year. If there was someone in the family who was in danger of becoming seriously ill by being exposed it would be different. I had Scout get the vaccination at Lil’bug’s first in-office visit after birth, because she couldn’t get it. I got it, too. No question. There is no one in our immediate circle whose immunity is compromised. There were no outbreaks in the daycare center last year that the staff knows of (we get notices of contagious illnesses and what to watch for). My ped doesn’t carry the nasal vaccination because the only group advised to get it are asthmatics, who can’t take the nasal spray. I have to go find another physician who carries the nasal vaccination, change my primary care physician, do the office visit, twice ::dread::, change back to my primary care physician and hope I don’t need to make an office visit to doc #1 between the two doses (or change back and forth, like I have time for this). Insurance will cover the injection (the answer to the question about the nasal vaccination is still pending), but why should they have to pay for it? ::sigh::
    Can you tell I’ve given this some thought?

  3. The state REQUIRES IT? What about those people for whom it is against their religion to visit traditional doctors? Guess they don’t get to go to daycare or pre-school.

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