Posted by: ladybughugs | September 3, 2008

Who Would Have Thought?

Over the weekend we went out to dinner. We decided to try a place that had just reopened after the longest remodel imaginable (when they said they were planning on reopening in the fall, I thought they meant LAST fall…2007. HA!). We hadn’t been there for quite a while before they closed and I thought the kids, especially Scout, would really enjoy it. So I made the reservation after Lil’bug fell asleep for her nap giving her ample time to sleep and then wake up.

Japanese Hibachi Steakhouse. The place was everything I’d hoped it would be. Everything was updated and bright and open and clean and, I have to say, they did a really nice job. Scout enjoyed it immensely. Lil’bug…not so much.

Actually, she disliked it so much I’d have to put this experience, on the whole, in the disaster column.

Everything was fine to start, but then the chef started cooking at the next table and it wasn’t long before the whole evening started plummeting to unforeseen depths not unlike Space Mountain at Disney World (except at Space Mountain you do have some inkling what’s to come…like the roller coaster cars on the roller coaster tracks). They do that thing at the start where the chef lights up the griddle in a huge flare of flames. There was heat that could be felt at our table and fire that could be seen throughout the dining room and noise from the flames flaring and cheers from the patrons and Lil’bug screeching and climbing into my lap as fast as her little legs could scramble (maybe faster).

Lil’bug is a tough little kid. Most of the time she takes the bumps, brushes them off, and moves on. She’s got a big brother who, for her (it seems), must be one of those rock tumbler thingies to her little pebble being. She gets knocked around…a lot, and yet she’s still fiercely protective of her right to independence. She’s not afraid of falling, of getting bumped and knocked around. So, I’m not sure what it was about the hibachi experience that was so terrifying for her, especially after the second or third time. As the night wore on her fear just worsened. She sad huddled on my lap, covering her ears and hiding her eyes and during the flame part at the tables around us shaking like a scared rabbit. She ate a few noodles off my plate and a piece of chicken from H’s plate. In the end we took turns with her out front by the koi pond and finishing our meals.

Kids are funny. They’re constantly surprising us with the experiences they love and those they dislike intensely. Which of your children’s reactions surprised you?


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