Posted by: ladybughugs | September 12, 2008

First Day of School

So, this post is a little late.

Scout started school last Thursday. He loved it!

I wasn’t surprised, I’ve been excited about this school year for months now. There is so much that is new in the school. New principal (a nun, first one since he started). He’s going into fifth grade so his classroom is upstairs with the older kids. There is a new Spanish and computer teacher and a new 7th grade teacher (a nun) teaching math and religion to all of the upper grades. He changes classes now for his core curriculum classes. The school had so many kindergartners that they opened a second class. There is a new second grade teacher, which doesn’t affect Scout at all, but the future just got brighter for Lil’bug (seriously, 2nd grade was the toughest year for Scout and I was considering pulling Lil’bug out just for that year to avoid that teacher)! The new principal has so many new (and great) ideas. It’s going to be a great year.

Back-to-school night is Tuesday. Stay tuned!

‘First Day’ pictures follow the jump…



  1. My oldest started high school this year and I STILL get excited on the first day. It’s like New Year’s Day…so much optimism!

    And I’m sure you enjoyed the school supply shopping as much as we do.

    We also really like the way it forces us to bring a little order to our lives for 9 months.

    Good luck this year.

    New beginnings are gifts, a chance for a fresh start, a clean slate. Actually, the only thing he needed to bring was a backpack (we threw in the lunch box, you know, in case he wants to eat). The principal used school and volume discounts to purchase everything. (We’ll get a bill from the school.) ~mj

  2. I echo the bringing order to our lives!

    In fact, on days when I may be home and not at work, I’d have to organise it around her school schedule!

    By the way, may I suggest that you install an RSS here on your blog, so that subscribers can see when new posts are up!


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