Posted by: ladybughugs | September 16, 2008

Does Your Target Have These?

On Saturday Lil’bug and I were out picking up a couple of things here and there. H needed coffee from Starbucks and a shower curtain liner. Scout was out of cereal so I stopped at Target, fairly certain they’d have both the cereal and the shower curtain liner. When I walked in the outside door I noticed something flitting about the foyer. It was just after noon. At first I thought it was a bird. I’ve seen many birds inside retail stores. But, it didn’t look like a bird the way it flitted about. Then I figured they were getting in the spirit of Halloween and put a fake bat out. No wires. No strings. It must be a bird. But it didn’t fly like a bird. I watched and watched it, fascinated. It really looked like a bat the way it flitted about, but that was impossible…it was noon! Bats don’t come out until sundown unless there is something wrong with it. While watching it and trying to process what I was seeing it flitted through the inner doors and into the store. All of a sudden in a moment of clarity it hit me. Oh, crap, I just let a bat into Target. I think. But, I still wasn’t really sure it was a bat. I said it was a bat, the other shoppers on the way into the store were less sure than I…I thought, ‘what do they know.’

Back when we were first married H and I lived in his childhood home with his mother. We lived on the third, and top, floor. We also had two cats. One of which was very smart, the other not so much, but she more than made up for it with cuteness (she had the market cornered on the cute and sweet). I’d get home at the end of the day and smart cat, ‘Bonkers,’ would be sitting erect, like a statue, focused on one spot. I could tell, just by her stance, there was a bat in the house. I can’t remember how many times I’d come home to this. I was chief bat evictor. I’d put on my motorcycle helmet, my heavy long black wool winter coat, hiking boots, and leather work gloves. I’d grab a ‘car’ towel (one we used to wash/dry the cars), fold it in half for double thickness, throw it over the bat, take it downstairs, out the back door and release it. It came back. More than once. We finally named him. We still have no idea how he kept getting in.

So, I was fairly sure this was a bat. I’d seen bats fly against darkening evening skies. But, was I sure enough to alert store personnel? Now, I’m not skittish around small mammal-type critters, bats included. I appreciate them for eating biting bugs, like mosquitoes, and wool-eating bugs, like moths. I welcome them…outside. A bat inside, in the middle of the day (or any time of day), that is a completely different thing. I watched it as it toured the store while picking up the couple of things that I needed and finally was sure enough to alert an employee. I needed someone, though, who was higher up than a stock clerk, not so easy in the middle of the day on Saturday. They knew. They’d called the police department and animal control who laughed at them. Great, my tax dollars hard at work.

I have no idea if or how they got it out of the store. They must have removed it, right? So I can go back there? I don’t think I’ll tell them I was the one who let it in.



  1. Ugh. I had a terrible middle-of-the-night run-in with a bat in my bedroom. And after the fire department had come and gone from removing it, I discovered a second one. Three times the size of the first. As you said, they’re fine when they’re outside, but not in my house!

  2. try flying squirrels in your home… make that cottage… make that at Christmas time when the ONLY thing in the home that looked familiar to it was, you guessed it, the TREE.. That was the year we had to decorate the tree 3 times ’cause heaven forbid we break one of the antique ornaments trying to get the dam__d flying squirrel out of the house!

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