Posted by: ladybughugs | September 17, 2008

A Toddler’s Rock Star

So this is about as close as you get to rock star status in the toddler set.

Saturday, after the debacle over at Target and a quick, fruitless stop at Home Depot, Lil’bug and I headed over to the mall. I wasn’t sure I had my dates right so I didn’t tell her why. She’s OK with that. As long as she’s out and about, she’s happy. I wasn’t sure where to find the object of my quest so I checked the kids’ play area first. Nope. I found a sign directing me to the ‘Macy’s Plaza’ and, yes, a confirmation of the date. Checking the time on my cell phone I realized we were ten minutes late for the start. Not too bad, but there was no time to waste, the line would be building. When we got to ‘Macy’s Plaza’ the line already stretched around more than three sides of the enclosure. We took our place at the end of the line.

I waited there watching Lil’bug, expecting her to notice him. She didn’t. He was inside the enclosure on the other side of the chairs and the car (a real car, white, big, I have no idea the make or model, that wasn’t important, good marketing strategy they’ve got there, eh?) Then she started to get antsy. So I showed her. Squeals and screams. PABLO! Then she started to absorb her surroundings. A TV with Tyrone, cupcakes, temporary tattoos. She called and waved to Pablo. We waited. The nice people on line behind us watched the stroller and held our place on line while we went to the rest room. We waited. She wanted a cupcake and tattoo. We waited. I filled out the form that will probably get me on another junk mail list. We moved a stroller-length at a time. For more than an hour I contained the anticipation that is a toddler with a cupcake, a tattoo, and a meeting with Pablo dangling just out of reach.

She got one of the last four cupcakes (whew, it would not have been pretty if she didn’t get a cupcake after all that!), she got a tattoo of Uniqua, then we waited on line for the picture. In the end, she didn’t want to stand with him to have her picture taken. I finally got her to sit on my knee next to him and hold his hand. After the picture (a Polaroid, I wasn’t thinking when I left the house so I didn’t have my camera) was taken she gave him a high five. After stepping away she turned, waved, and yelled ‘bye, bye, Pablo!’. I have a feeling we’ll be replaying this scene in a few months when I take her to see the big guy in the red suit.



  1. Pablo who?

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