Posted by: ladybughugs | October 10, 2008

I Need Something…

…now what is it?

I’ve got this churning thing going on in my stomach. Bigger than butterflies, not as sickening as morning sickness, it feels like there’s a storm brewing.

  • I’m somewhat concerned about the news coming from CNNMoney, but I’m still at least 20 years away from retirement. My 401(k) is in it for the long-haul so this week/month/year is only a small blip in the big picture…at least that’s what I keep telling myself. I know someone who worked for Lehman (he’s got four kids and his wife is a SAHM), I know someone who works for AIG (her husband is a contractor and she’s got four kids…two in Scout’s class), this is all much too close to home.
  • Friends have been diagnosed with cancer and MRSA.
  • I’m feeling guilty about having to take Lil’bug to the pediatrician yesterday. She was hurt on Tuesday night at play group. theme: dance party. We were dancing, I had her right hand in my right hand, she stumbled, I held on to keep her from doing a face-plant on the hardwood floor, she twisted around a bit, and came up crying. She could move her fingers, squeeze mine, so I was fairly sure it wasn’t broken, but she was in a lot of pain. I called the doctor’s office at noon on Wednesday when they opened and got an appointment for 4:00. When she woke up from her nap she was fine. Like. nothing. had. happened. She used the hand to pick something up and to climb up onto the sofa. I kept the appointment anyway. He thinks a bone in her forearm was dislocated from it’s socket (up until about age five the socket is cartilage, then it gets bony). It popped back in of it’s own accord. I feel like it was my fault. Maybe I should have taken her to the ER on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.
  • I’ve got a root canal scheduled for Monday morning. I’m dreading it…and the imminent bills. I’m fortunate to have a medical FSA. This will wipe it out…and tap into next year’s allocation, and cash out of pocket. This is my second root canal. The first one, the doc had TVs to help distract you…this one doesn’t. I’m afraid the iPod will not be enough of a distraction.
  • …and I’m not feeling good about work, right now.

This funk, though, predates the trouble on Wall Street and Lil’bug’s injury and my dental appointment that cast the need for the root canal in concrete (I kinda’ knew it; the pain in my mouth warned me). I’m feeling negative about everything, as if I see the silver lining and go looking for the black cloud.

Maybe we should have taken a vacation this summer. We can’t now, Scout’s in school.

Chocolate, I think I need chocolate. No…. Wine, maybe wine. No…. Chocolate and wine, yes, that might do it. Maybe. Maybe not.

Sorry to be such a downer. Maybe working bingo tomorrow night will make me feel better. Right. Stay tuned for more ‘Tales from the Bingo Ward.’



  1. Chocolate sounds GREAT right now! And I discovered a new wine that I actually LIKE! Yeah, I know, I’m the one who NEVER drinks beer and doesn’t really like the taste of wine but this one is different. Very fruity (if you like that kind of thing). Maybe I’ll get a bottle on my way home and we can toast each other long distance. Oh, and BTW, Mom will be bringing you home something when she comes down here. I couldn’t ship it with the other package ’cause it’d MELT! 🙂

    mmm… might you be sending CHOCOLATE!? ~lbh

  2. You forgot an important component! Home made cookies! I just made a batch of molasses cookies and that was a VERY good move.

    In all honesty, I think our collective butterflies are not likely to stop bugging us until after the election. In that respect, I don’t think who wins matters (I do think it does in other ways though. Don’t get me wrong). We just need to see some of our crazy problems get resolved. That will be a big one. Then we can move forward with who ever we have elected.

    That’s not going to help with the root canal, though. Sorry about that.

    Also, for the record, I think you did the right thing with Lil’bug. At that age, they bounce pretty well. From one parent to another, I think you did well. I would have played it the same.

    -Turkish Prawn

    mmm… COOKIES! homemade cookies! they help make all things better, too, especially if they contain chocolate! ~lbh

  3. BTW, my other recommendation is…

    One pint glass, half filled with Stuarts Ginger Beer
    Three ice cubes
    One quarter of a lime, crushed
    One shot, Cruzan, Black strap rum.

    Stir to blend.
    One “Dark and Stormy” can help a lot.
    Two are even better!

    -Turkish Prawn

    Thanks for the tip, TP. ‘Dark and Stormy’ is a good description of my mood. Would that fall in the category of ‘hair of the dog…’? ~lbh

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