Posted by: ladybughugs | October 27, 2008


Lil’bug is petrified of…bugs! Not ladybugs…whew! But, a the smallest bug anywhere near her might cause a cry that would make you think a trip to the emergency room was imminent. One minute she’d be playing happily on the ‘school bus’ on the playground…sitting in it, climbing in and out of the door, following the older children in their pretend play, and the next minute she’d be screaming and crying hysterically, unable to catch her breath.

One afternoon on our way home from daycare she started screaming like she’d been stung by a really nasty bug (think hornet). I was unable to pull over. I was in traffic and there were curbs on both sides of the street. I turned around to try to figure out what had happened and if she was in danger and couldn’t get her to calm down enough to talk to me and tell me what was wrong. I finally figured out that the bug on the outside of her window, her closed window, was the cause of the outburst.

The tiniest little ant on the front walk outside our house will keep her from using the walk.

While playing on the floor, completing a puzzle, Scout might casually point out that there’s a bug on the floor next to her. A tiny little spider. Pointed out by a brother who knows her reaction to a bug in her space. I saw it coming, there was nothing I could do to stop it, he couldn’t help himself. First, she spun around looking for it, moving closer to it in the process. Then he pointed out that it next to her foot. She came running over to me and jumped up in my lap. I made him move it outside, something he was not anxious to do, I might add.

Where did this come from? She’s never been stung by a nasty bug. She’s barely had mosquito bites. The better question…how do we get her past this? I’ve tried showing her that not all bugs are bad. She’ll let me put a ladybug on her finger. The butterfly habitat at the zoo was not her favorite attraction, she actually cringed when one came near her. I’m hoping that she’ll forget her fear over the winter and start with a clean slate in the spring. Know any good toddler-level books about bugs?


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