Posted by: ladybughugs | October 31, 2008


My kids are so excited, Lil’bug especially.

I took her costume shopping a couple of weeks ago and was very pleased that I had not waited until the last minute to do so. She did not like the Halloween store outside the mall. The minute you walk in you’re senses are assaulted with a wide assortment of scary elements. I tried to get her to focus on the kids costumes. The witches, the (ugh) princesses, the ladybug. She wanted to go. I passed this costume by her. Nope. How about Tinker Bell? Nope. Pirate (I was willing to try anything). YES, I wanna be a pirate! Are you sure? Yes! Great, let’s go. She clung to me as I paid for the costume by all the gruesome holiday accoutrement and we left.

Last week we were out and on our way to a cub scout pack meeting/Halloween party and would not be going home. Her costume was at home. I had to stop at WalMart so I figured I’d pick up something inexpensive there. Witch? Nope. We went through the racks. She wanted something that didn’t come in her size so we went over to the toy aisle hoping to find something in the little girls dress-up section. Tinker Bell? YES! Great (we dodged the princess stuff), now she has two costumes.

This week whenever anyone asked her what she was going to be for Halloween she said this. HUH? Um, no, you will be a pirate or Tinker Bell. Still she’d respond with the same answer whenever asked. So yesterday I caved and went looking for it. Yes, I can be obsessive-compulsive crazy at times. I’m justifying it by the fact that she’s almost three. She’s headed into the dress-up/make-believe-play years. She’ll use these, we’ll consider them early birthday presents. I may even wrap the pirate costume (it’s still in its original packaging), she won’t care…it’s all about the unwrapping.

Anyway, I was hoping to avoid the mall at home so I went out at lunch. No luck. Later, after picking Lil’bug up, and sitting in rush-hour traffic, I was successful at the mall. She is thrilled. She wanted to put it on when she got dressed this morning. She was not going to get dressed this morning until I conceded and allowed the costume. On this I stood firm. I can be firm, stubbornly, pig-headedly firm, at times. I was surprised, though, to see some of the other kids in their costumes when we arrived. The Halloween festivities aren’t supposed to happen until after nap. Oh, well, she’ll be comfortable and she got to wear her black pumpkin shirt with the orange and yellow striped sleeves.

So, my afternoon will go something like this:

  • lunchtime: Halloween lunch snack at Scout’s school
  • 1:00 trunk ‘n treat at Scout’s school with costume parade for younger grades that the older kids are judging
  • 3:00 head over to Lil’bug’s daycare
  • 3:30 costume parade / party / snack

Lord, please don’t let me forget the camera!


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