Posted by: ladybughugs | November 1, 2008

The Day After

Yesterday my kids (and I) had a ball.

The fun started at lunch at Scout’s school. I am one of his class moms and so baked cupcakes to take in for a lunch snack. After lunch I parked in the lot behind the school with about 30 other parents and attempted to decorate the back for ‘trunk ‘n treat’. I was amazed at the level of participation of all the parents. Close to half of the families were there and the way they decorated was inspiring. At 1:00 the kids came out, the younger ones in costumes, the older ones, not, and they went from trunk to tailgate, led by their teachers, collecting candy and other treats from the parents. Scout, being older, was not permitted to dress in a costume this year. It didn’t matter. I asked him later if he had as much fun as in prior years and he gave me an emphatic ‘yes!’

When it was all over, Scout and I made our way to Lil’bug’s preschool for their celebration. Most of the kids were already awake, some hadn’t napped at all. All were very excited. The teachers had started changing them into their costumes for the parade and the party. I watched and took pictures of Lil’bug and her friends while the teachers took care of routine (potty) and non-routine (costumes) tasks. The kids were dancing around in a climbing-the-walls kind of way while their teachers tried to contain them in circle time-type activities. Parents straggled in a little at a time. Then at their appointed time they went outside for their parade around the playground. Some were having a blast, some were overstimulated and melting down into puddles right there before our eyes. It was interesting to get to spend some time with them and watch them with their parents in a more ‘natural’ state. Usually I see them for five minutes either at drop-off or pick-up. That isn’t enough time to really get a good idea about who they are. I see them and they’re well-behaved, sitting, eating quietly at drop-off or reading and playing with blocks or goop at pick-up, and I compare that to what I live through with my own children and wonder what we’re doing wrong. It’s the same thing with Scout’s friends. I wonder how I ended up with the goof-ball and then I see his friends in their less-than-stellar moments. After the parade they all sat down, Scout included, for a snack of cupcakes, cookies, munchkins, and more cupcakes, with a side of chips and a juice pouch.

In our house the traditional Halloween dinner is a pizza before we go out. Quick (ok, so not really…is it only around here that getting a pizza delivered from down the block takes over an hour on Halloween? and then arrives cold!?) and easy (except for the part about holding anxious trick-or-treaters from the main event…that’s not so easy). Reason: we I don’t want hungry and tired kids while we’re out with nothing but sugar, to get us home.

(My neighbor did that one year. I no longer talk to her. Not for that reason, alone. But, it’s a symptom of a bigger problem. Her kids were the ones who gave up early…because they were hungry and tired. Meanwhile Scout practically had a fit watching her kids get started while I was mean and made him wait until after he ate.)

We walked our regular route (with the stroller for Lil’bug) up to my friend, J’s house, hitting the houses on the left on the way there, stopped to rest our feet, and then headed back home, again hitting the houses on the left (or opposite) side of the street. The stroller was a good idea just to keep Lil’bug from tripping over something in the dark, I was really glad we had it. She probably could/would have walked, but…we’ll never know. Then, half-way home Scout begged to just skip the rest and go directly home. I think I was having more fun than he was! H stayed home and passed out candy to the kids that came by. We’re a perfect match, that way. I like taking the kids out, he likes staying home.

It seems that there weren’t as many kids out this year. I expected there would be so many more kids out, because it was Friday and thus no school to wake up for the next morning. Was it just us? We had perfect weather… in that it was warmer than usual (yay!), another great reason for there to be many kids out. So, where were they this year?

At home, after our rounds in the neighborhood, bedtime didn’t happen easily. Lil’bug wanted to sleep in her costume. I convinced her that she could put her costume on again in the morning if she got ready for bed quickly… and quickly she did!

The first thing out of her mouth on Saturday morning was that she wanted to put her costume on again. She stayed in it most of the day, too. Hey, Halloween comes once a year. Let them have fun!

Photos to come…just as soon as I find the cable to download from the camera. gah!


  1. Glad you all had fun.
    BTW, I just went through your Flickr PhotoStream… did you know there’s not one photo of H? can you send me one?

    Might take some doing. I’ll work on it. ~lbh

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