Posted by: ladybughugs | November 3, 2008

Halloween Flashback

I don’t know what got me started thinking about this. Maybe it’s just the season.

My best Halloween memory: trick-or-treating at her house. She lived on our street, past our house, down the hill, beyond where the paved road turned to dirt and the canopy of trees closes in on both sides, down the hill some more, through the s-curve that gets swampy in the wet weather. The sign out in front of the house dubbed it ‘Flood Farm’. It seemed fitting.

My first year there, I’d just started 7th grade at the Junior High (it’s now a middle school, starting with sixth grade), and I rode the bus with her two sons. The following years, I think the older one probably drove to school, giving his younger brother a ride, because I don’t remember them being on the bus.

I think I met her at her house on Halloween only once. Her life took her places like the Broadway stage and Hollywood, and the thought of that was exciting! She had important places to be, people to entertain. That one time, though, she seemed so serene, so elegant, and happy to share the fun of the day with us, the urchins from the neighborhood. The houses in my neighborhood were spaced far apart from one another (a fact I despised on cold and hot and rainy days when a paper route was my only source of ‘regular’ income). They weren’t as far apart as you’d expect on the prairie of Oklahoma where they grow corn and raise livestock. But, they were so far apart that there was usually more candy left in the bowl for trick-or-treaters that didn’t come to our house than there was in our bags after a long night of hiking the hills around our house. We quickly learned that a stop at her house was much more effective than a side-street ‘full’ of homes.

She (or her staff) would spread out bowls of candy on her dining room table. We were encouraged to take whatever we wanted. We I didn’t. We were raised with better manners than that (and my mother was there to act as our conscience, just in case).

That neighborhood wasn’t great for trick-or-treating, but trick-or-treating sure brings back memories of it!

In thirty years, I wonder what memory will stand out for my kids about Halloween.



  1. I remember that! I also remember the New Year’s Eve party they threw one year to which they invited the whole neighborhood. Their ‘game room’ above the carriage house (don’t dare call it a garage) was awesome!

    You know, as I was typing I had vague flashes of something like that, almost like a dream. I don’t remember the details, this may require a guest post… ~lbh

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