Posted by: ladybughugs | November 4, 2008

My Halloween!

If Friday was all about giving the kids a great day, then on Saturday it was my turn to have some fun.

At the heart of our community are about a dozen committees that oversee everything from maintenance and security of the grounds to civic affairs to activities for children, adults, and families. There is a committee specifically to address the water quality of the lake, another the athletics programs, the Women’s Club plans activities and parties for the kids, including a dance and acrobatic program, oversees a youth center, and raises money for scholarships for our graduating seniors, among other things.

Our house activities committee holds four to six events, mostly for adults, each year to give us an opportunity to come together and meet our neighbors and have fun. On Saturday they planned, with the bar and rental committee, a Halloween party. Parties are not H’s idea of fun. So on Saturday, after asking him to join me, and having the invitation declined, I made plans with my friend, J, to go to our community’s adult costume party. It’s been a while since I dressed up (at least since before I was pregnant with Lil’bug) and I was not excited about anything in my closet. I decided a trip to the Halloween store in the mall was in order. Costumes would be on sale the day after Halloween, right? YES!

I thought I had a long, black dress that I purchased oh, about 15 years ago when Filene’s Basement closed the White Plains store in the Galleria Mall. I think I might have worn it once…maybe…or maybe not, maybe I’m thinking of the eggplant colored one that I’ve since tossed. So, I had this dress in the back of my head in case I didn’t find something else that inspired me and I also hoped that it was still there and not with the eggplant version in a landfill somewhere. I looked and looked through the store. I was thinking cape, a long hooded cape. I knew I had a witches hat, somewhere in the house. A purple one with black netting and spiders and purple feathers. All the costumes in the store seemed too sexy, bordering on slutty. Not the look I was going for. I wanted to be comfortable and I didn’t want H to have second thoughts about letting me go. More for the comfort, though, he probably wouldn’t have cared…he’s met the neighbors that would’ve come out for something like this. He knew he had nothing to be concerned about. I also wanted it to be appropriate in the event I used it again for something that was family-oriented. I found a long black velvet-like cape, sans hood with a capelet. Good enough.

Later that afternoon, I dug the black dress out of the back of my closet, found the hat perched on the top shelf in my closet, added a pair of black socks and black shoes. I tossed all of it into a bag. I didn’t want the kids, especially Lil’bug, to get the idea that I’d be off at a party having fun that they’d be missing out on by being left at home. So I left for J’s house, where I planned on changing. We had a glass of wine, talked, changed, and then were off.

I have to say, my community (and its parties) is probably more tame than most. The original concept of the community was that it was a summer lake community; a place where city-dwellers could escape the heat and humidity and asphalt to a place that is calmer, more serene, with grass and trees and a lake for swimming, boating, and fishing. It has since evolved. Most of the residents now live there year-round. There are still homes that are original to the ’60s, most though have been renovated in one way or another to the point that there is probably a house here that would suit (almost) anyone.

Out of about 2,500 homes and lots, I’d say about .5% of the population was there. Yes, that’s a 1/2 a percent or 25 people (if you figure two adults, on average, per household). The apathy is overwhelming. The costumes were pretty tame: the funniest was our association president who dressed up as a patient (his wife and another couple were his nurses and surgeon). His costume consisted of one of those gowns that don’t close in the back and a pair of tights which had a backside/rear-end/@ss built into it. I wish I’d brought my camera!

The party was fun. I got to dress up. No one was rowdy. At another time in my life I would’ve left at the end of the night feeling cheated. I wasn’t wearing a watch nor was there a clock visible from where I was sitting. I got home, tired, at 10:15. I am officially old.


  1. At least you got to balance out the weekend with a little fun for the kids and a little fun for the adults. Sounds well balanced, even if it was tame. And I love the patient costume – we’ve all felt that exposed at one time or another!

    A burnt-out mom is no fun, it was just what I needed. I have to hand it to him, it had to take a lot of guts to go out in that! ~lbh

  2. My boss turned 50 this Sunday. There are 3 women working in the front office and we all dressed like old ladies so he didn’t feel like the oldest person in the room. It was a great hit! All the customers loved the way we papered the office with his picture and silly slogans and the local paper even sent a photographer to take pictures. So we’ll be on the front page of the paper today! (it’s a weekly) We had great fun… I’ll send you the photo. 🙂

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