Posted by: ladybughugs | November 7, 2008


I was out with Scout and Lil’bug after church on Sunday. Scout had received a gift card for GameStop and a check, made out to me. I told him he could use the check to buy a gift card for any store he wanted from his school (they sells them as a fund-raiser). He decided he wanted another GameStop gift card, so after church we stopped for lunch and then the three of us went to GameStop.

He had a specific game in mind, which he didn’t find on the shelf. He asked and, yes, they did have it. The sales clerk looked for the package on the shelf, but couldn’t find it and offered the game at the regular price, without the package. There are three other stores owned by the same company in the mall around the corner so we asked the clerk to call ahead to those stores to see if they had the game with the packaging. With the first call he found the game, new, in the original packaging, so we thanked him and headed off in that direction.

On the way I suggested to Scout that we check the other stores to see if they had a used game that he could purchase at a discount.

No, he wanted to see if that game was on sale at the store the clerk had called.

I told him it wouldn’t be on sale.

He argued. He wanted to go directly to the store where the clerk had found it, maybe they would have a used copy. No, he didn’t want to check the other two stores first, they had it at that store, it didn’t matter that they were holding it for us. It might be on sale there.

I teased him about having his delusions.

He wasn’t sure what that meant so I explained that delusions were like wishful-thinking.

He responded that he had lots of delusions.

HA! I couldn’t help it, I laughed out loud, realizing, of course, that my explanation was the cause of his misperception. After I explained that a delusion was wishful-thinking that was confused with reality he got the joke and laughed at our miscommunication.

I love this kid. I love his sense of humor and his ability to ask about things he doesn’t understand.



  1. I love when kids have a-ha moments. The little light bulb goes on upstairs and you know it’s something they won’t soon forget!

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