Posted by: ladybughugs | November 12, 2008

NJ Lighthouse Challenge 2008 (part two)

Onward to Sea Girt, where we had to wait in line to climb up to the lantern room. For an almost-three-yo, a line does not compute. I can’t tell you how many times I had to tell her we had to take turns and our turn was after the lady in the red pants just in front of her. Sea Girt lighthouse is a shorter, house-like structure. The only difficulty here was the eight-foot, wrought-iron ladder that went up to the lantern room. On the way up I had a firm grip on her belt loop (aware and prepared that the stitching might fail) and on the way down she rode on my shoulders. Piece of cake. Sea Girt is one of my favorite lights. Yes, in general, I prefer the towers, but Sea Girt (the town) holds a special place for its history in our family. Next time I’d like to drive by Uncle Gene’s old house and sit on the boardwalk watching the ocean a little longer.

Lil'bug at Sea Girt Light

Lil'bug at Sea Girt Light

The fourth light was Barnegat Lighthouse on Long Beach Island. Lil’bug thought she was going to ride on my shoulders again… HA! Ahem… No, you will walk or we’ll go back to the van. She walked. All 217 steps. The light is far out on the northern tip of the island, far removed from the crazy pace of every day life. One of these years I will spend a week (or two, if I’m lucky) vacationing on the island. There is a nice little motel around the corner from the light that will take a reservation for a one night stay (most are two-night minimum, but this is off-season). There are very few conveniences (restaurants, stores) up by the light. If you want anything you need to head back towards the center of the island. Next time I would like to take some time to walk out onto the sand. 

Lil'bug at Barnegat Light

Lil'bug at Barnegat Light

to be continued…


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