Posted by: ladybughugs | November 13, 2008

NJ Lighthouse Challenge 2008 (part three)

Next stop, the replica of Tucker’s Island lighthouse. This one annoys me. I’m not exactly sure why. It may be that it’s not ‘real,’ it may be that they charge a fee which gives you access to all the ‘seaport’ attractions which eh, I’ve been to Mystic, Tuckerton has a long way to go. The construction/architecture may be close to the original, but I’m thinking it was probably built within the confines of contemporary zoning codes and ordinances. On the inside they had huge crates stored in the exhibit area, a definite eye sore. I was chasing a toddler and therefore did not have the time to really explore the exhibits, but they seemed well-done. Next time I’ll pass on paying the fee to enter and climb.

Lilbug at Tuckerton

Lilbug at Tuckerton

Lastly, we made it to Absecon Light. We ignored the directions provided by g.maps and the organizers and took route 30. It brought us much closer to the lighthouse without having to fight traffic in the center of Atlantic City. The last time I was here the wind turbines at the Jersey-Atlantic Wind Farm didn’t exist. They were incredible to see.

Lilbug at Absecon

Lilbug at Absecon

While this isn’t the best picture of the light, look at the expression on her face, the joy in her body language. That just about sums up the day.

All three of us climbed all 228 steps. When we returned to the van it was 5:30. Yes, there would be night climbs at some of the lighthouses we hadn’t visited and we could have pushed it. As it was, we got back to our area at about 8:30, were hungry and needed to stop to eat, and wouldn’t get home until after 10:00. A very long day, indeed.

A few observations:

  • It was much windier this year. We went up, around, and down. There was little time to ‘stop and smell the roses.’
  • Bikers like the Lighthouse Challenge. This was not the first year we saw the same big, gruff guys on loud bikes at stop after stop along the route. They are among the friendliest participants, right up there with the volunteers.

Safety first: Lil’bug went before me going up the steps and after me coming down. We held hands the entire way (which she was not happy about). I was shocked to see some parents let their children, just a little older than she, go down in front of them.



  1. I’m such a sucker for pictures… yours are fabulous! Love them!

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