Posted by: ladybughugs | November 14, 2008

My Job

I think I’ve finally figured out what my job is.

I’m supposed to carry everything my kids might want for the moment that they decide they want it.

This morning Lil’bug grabbed two Matchbox cars on her way out the door. She glanced at her doll, Holly, sitting on the bench inside the front door and kept on going. I can’t be certain what was going on in her head, but I saw her pause, so I’m fairly certain she saw it. I asked her if she wanted to finish her oatmeal and banana in the van. She replied, ‘yes,’ to both, so I grabbed them along with my purse and my tote bag and her ‘diaper’ bag (which now holds only a change of clothes and an extra sheet and blanket for nap time…just in case) and her lunch box with her cup and water bottle. You’d think I was carrying enough stuff. You’d be wrong.

Lil’bug ate her now-cold oatmeal in the van and Scout handed her the banana with two bites out of it before he hopped out at school. Two minutes away from daycare she decided she didn’t want the banana anymore. She didn’t want to hold the banana anymore. Take this from me noooowwww! I convinced her to hold it for the two minutes it would take me to get off the highway, crowded with rush hour traffic, and stop the van safely in the parking lot at preschool.

Then she asked for Holly.

Me: “You left Holly at home.”
Her: (wailing) “I waaant Hollllleeeee!”
Me: “You left Holly at home, doesn’t Miss A have babies you can play with.”
Her: (calmer) “Yes.” (slightly less dramatic wail) “But, I want Hollllleeee!”

Once there, though, she wanted the banana gone. I took it and got her out, one-handed, and grabbed her lunch box and diaper change-of-clothes bag and followed her to the door, into the building, signed her in, and took her to her classroom. With the banana still in my hand, because, ‘hey, what am I supposed to do with this?,’ I helped her out of her coat, hung her bag and coat on the hook under her bin, removed the cup and water bottle from the lunch box, placing all three items in their respective places.

Me: “Lil’bug,” I asked, “do you want this banana?”
Her: “No.”

Now, any rational person would’ve just chucked it in the nearest receptacle and moved on. Not me.

I walked her down to the early-arrival classroom where many of the kids sit and have breakfast or a small snack before they start playing. Part Deux, of her musketeer trio, was already sitting, with an unopened yogurt drink in front of him, at one of the tables. His face brightened when we opened the door and he saw her.

Me: “Lil’bug,” I asked, “would you like to sit at the table with Deux and eat your banana?”
Her: “Yes.”

Really, in the amount of time it just took you to read that she changed her mind about the banana. I don’t know if she actually ate it. I don’t care. It eased the transition.

So, I’m not only supposed to carry everything I need to get myself through the day, I’m also supposed to carry everything she needs and anticipate whatever else she may or may not need and carry that too.

So, that’s a small part of my job description (don’t even get me started on the laundry part).

Title? How about pack mule.

Pay scale? HA!


  1. And mine just told me today she wants to try out for the tennis team today after school. Oh, and by the way she needs a racket to do that. No, we don’t have one.

  2. Oh! I can identify with THIS!

    I might as well just break down and get my self a pack animal to take with us everywhere we go. To add to the hilarity, my wife does not carry a purse and can’t stand having anything in her pockets. This pretty much makes me the receptacle for every possible item that could be needed at any time. There have been moments where I have honestly been afraid of being stopped by store security due to my bulging pockets.

    On the other hand, I have everything you need to support two kids and two adults at any given time!

    -Turkish Prawn.

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