Posted by: ladybughugs | November 17, 2008


Remember this post from the end of last spring?

I was inspired by Stacie over at if you want kin… to make a list of all the things I most wanted to accomplish before the end of the summer. Well, the best laid plans and all that…

Here is the original list with updates.

  1. Make a dent in the clutter that is my home
    I’ve made a dent. A small dent, but a dent. Most of it happened in the last couple of weeks. I have to give H a lot of credit, but I did get through all most of the mail that had been lying around (when do we ever get through ALL) and washed, rewashed (using dye and fragrance-free detergent–d@#$#d sensitivity), matched sets of clothes, and folded together all most (when do we ever get through ALL) of Lil’bug’s current wardrobe, and put it all away. BONUS: $100+ in checks made out to ME!
  2. Clear out the back ‘yard’ of underbrush. Make it less ‘natural.’
    This really needs to be done after the leaves have fallen when it’s not so blazing hot.
  3. Clean out my closet. Not done.
  4. Get rid of baby gear. Not done. Posted some on Craigslist, no bites.
  5. Purge maternity wear. Not done.
  6. Reclaim my bed from 2.5 y.o. (she thinks it’s hers, really, ask her) Arrrgh, not done. She won’t even be moved when I go to bed. Not even for a little while.

The rest will hopefully get some attention in the next six months.

Projects not on the list, but completed:

  1. Installed runners on sliding drawers in kitchen that had been sitting, waiting for some attention for over 2.5 years.
  2. Grew pumpkins (which included clearing out overgrown area of front ‘garden.’ Lil’bug and Scout each had a pumpkin, that we had grown on our own, by Halloween. A green one came late to the party and did not have enough time to ripen before the frost cut it’s poor little life short. Poor little pun’kin.
  3. Cleared garage enough to fit two one-ton pallets of wood pellets for the pellet stove that will make us less dependent on fossil fuels. Now, if only we could get the stove (tick, tick, tick).
  4. Cleared a space in the family room for aforementioned pellet stove. Including organizing craft supplies on shelving in guest room closet, requiring the cleaning out of guest room closet.
  5. Set up Scout’s bed with new hand-me-down headboard, opening up the space it occupied in the basement, removing old headboard and cleaning out under, around, and behind bed.

So, it wasn’t the summer I’d planned. That’s okay. We watched Scout play baseball. We spent some time as a family at carnivals, at the shore, at the zoo. So we don’t have the cleanest, prettiest house on the block. We make time for what’s important to us.


  1. Hey, sounds as though you got a lot done! Didn’t you know all that stuff that wasn’t on the original list counts double?!

    I have so much left to do with my own summer list (and the list I’ve made for now to Christmas) …

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