Posted by: ladybughugs | November 18, 2008

A Wild Goose Chase

…an uphill battle.

Every holiday season has [at least] one. You know, that hard-to-find item that everyone is vying for. The thing that makes cool, calm, collected, every-other-day-of-the-week moms and dads a trampling mob.

The first one I remember, in the early ’80s, was the Cabbage Patch Kid. My mother searched high and low to have one under the tree on Christmas morning for my youngest sister.

In 1996 it was Tickle Me Elmo.

In 2006 it was the Wii.

Every year, it seems, has its own ‘bandwagon,’ ‘herd mentality,’ ‘must-have’ item that we chase down for our kids.

This year? For me? The elusive item I’m going crazy trying to find? white pants.

Yep, white pants. Not at Scout’s request, mind you. We’ve been instructed that the students must wear white shirts and pants for the Christmas show. I never really thought about purchasing white pants for Scout… really, the thought. never. crossed. my. mind. I don’t buy white anything for him! Ok, so maybe socks. Because really, how long do they stay white? Almost the minute he puts something white on? it turns gray. (Unless H does the laundry, then it turns pink.)

Apparently manufacturers know that no one in their right mind would buy something white for an elementary school boy, but you know what? There are no white pants in the girls department, either. Or the women’s department…yes, we are desperate here. (What size–in womens–would a 10-year-old, 80 lb. boy wear?) I’ve even considered that yes, hemming or tacking elastic to the cuffs would be required, and a drawstring waist would also be high on the list of must-haves (because there’s just something about an angel’s pants falling in the middle of the show that just doesn’t work).

I’ve been to Target twice. The first time I limited my search to the boys and girls departments. The second time I looked everywhere. I asked sales associates, who asked supervisors, who asked I-don’t-know who over the handy-dandy walkie talkie. Nada.

I’ve checked the internet…,,,, The list is exhausting. I found white sweatpants in the ladies section at The smallest size was a 4, probably too big…the drawstring would probably be crucial here along with the hemming/elastic at the cuffs.



  1. sounds like a job for Grandma’s sewing machine… maybe?

    Another parent found a crafters’ supply web site that has white sweats. We’re placing a group order. 33 pieces…and counting! ~lbh

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