Posted by: ladybughugs | December 4, 2008

Dragging Me Down

I don’t dwell on work too much around here. It’s not as cute nor as funny as my kids, who are much more entertaining. However, I got an email that is disheartening, to say the least, and it’s been weighing on me.

The economy, it seems, is catching up with us.

We’d been warned a month or so ago that we could pretty much expect there to not be a bonus, as was customary, in March. Yesterday we got a letter saying that while we’re continuing to grow and perform well we’re reducing costs now so that we’re prepared if the economy doesn’t come back in a reasonable amount of time.

First, no one earning over a certain amount will receive a raise. Second, hiring will be kept to a minimum. Third, we’re cutting back where we can.

Now, I like the company I work for. I’m extremely happy that I have a job to go to. A job that makes me feel good about the course my career has taken. However, my town will probably not be freezing my property taxes and school and preschool tuition for Scout and Lil’bug will not be frozen. I don’t expect the supermarket nor the gas stations not the heating oil company will freeze their prices.

H’s company has let go more than half their workforce (from seven to three) and cut his hours back. When he left for work this morning he wasn’t sure there would be work to do.


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