Posted by: ladybughugs | December 16, 2008


I received an email from Scout’s teacher on Friday. She wanted to know if he accidentally brought his uncorrected, ungraded Spelling test home. He was supposed to put it in a basket (not his backpack). She also believed he might have left his lunch box in school.

OK, so he brought home something he shouldn’t have and left something that should have come home. I’m not surprised.

HER: (and I’m paraphrasing here) Oh, and by the way… did you know your son has a solo in the Christmas Pageant? direct quote: He can REALLY sing!

ME: Um, no. I don’t recall him mentioning anything about that (and I would have heard THAT!). REALLY?!

HER: Someone asked me if he takes voice lessons.

ME: (lol) REALLY!? OK, so now I’m really nervous.

Who is videotaping this? In previous years they requested no flash photography, no videotaping. They had someone do it and if you sent in a videotape (in the early years, like four years ago) they’d provide a copy free of charge. In later years they’d charge a nominal fee for a DVD. Completely reasonable.

One of my favorite things about Catholic school? The Christmas Pageant.


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