Posted by: ladybughugs | January 14, 2009

Loves to sing and dance

Lil’bug loves to sing and dance.

She’ll sing just about anything she hears. Sunday afternoon, after church, after a short nap, after Scout’s basketball game AND practice, I was in the kitchen fixing preparing (it wasn’t broken) dinner and Lil’bug started singing a song we’d sung in church that morning. Over and over, in the garbled way a toddler speaks/sings the sounds they hear because they don’t know the words. At first I wasn’t sure she was singing what I was hearing, then I saw Scout tune in. We both had heard enough that we could make sense of and identify what she was trying to sing.

I’m waiting for her to start singing ‘ho, daddy’ at an inappropriate time. She’s trying to sing a song from the Backyardigans Surfs Up video. She’s been singing it around the house and this morning she started singing it while we were getting into the van. We hadn’t even had Backyardigans on this morning. We had turned on Sesame Street while I tried to get the tangles out of her hair (it distracts her enough while I get the job done). She had just finished watching Ernie sing the rubber ducky song (geez, that song has been around forever and it’s still as engaging as it was when I was a kid) and Abby Cadabby sing the alphabet song. I’m just afraid someone might get the wrong idea. You know, about the ‘ho, daddy.’ Do surfers really use ‘ho, daddy’?

Then there’s the dancing. The child is not shy about dancing. If she’s in a good mood and a song comes on the TV she’ll dance. In her car seat, she’ll shake or shimmy to a song on the radio. She’s got pretty good rhythm, too! The smile on her face this morning dancing to the rubber ducky song was sheer joy. She dances in the aisles of the supermarket. I have to remember to videotape it before she outgrows this stage. I also need to look into dance classes…which would probably take the joy out of it.


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