Posted by: ladybughugs | February 17, 2009

Just in time

On Friday I walked into Lil’bug’s classroom at pick-up and her teacher, usually patient and unflappable, looked like she was at the end of her rope. Apparently, the long, snowy, winter days, cooped up inside, does not make for a peaceful, calm classroom when full of three year olds who outnumber their teacher ten to one. I’m ready to suggest she just bundle them up, let them loose, run them around the playground a couple of times, and bring them back in. Her face told me she might be open to suggestions.

Lil’bug’s social calendar included a birthday party on Saturday. This was the first party she’d been to outside of the school. The first party for one of her friends that was purely a kiddie party. This, I hoped, would be the perfect outlet for much of the pent up energy that had accumulated over the past few weeks. I was not disappointed.

First, the place is called Pump It Up! Scout had never been there for a party so I had to use my imagination. I pictured an indoor, playground of inflatables. A room full of soft, air mattress-like units that the children could bounce on until they dropped from exhaustion. I was not too far off. They actually had TWO rooms, each with three soft, air mattress-like inflatables. Arena A and Arena B. Two parties going on at, more or less, the same time! Each with their own room for pizza, juice, and cake for after the bouncing.

The kids watch a short video that told them about the rules. Only four kids on the slide. You must slide down on your bottom. No sharp jewelry. Remove shoes. Really basic stuff. Oh, what fun! All of Lil’bug’s friends had a blast. The younger kids took a little longer to warm up, but were (mostly) keeping up with their older siblings in a short amount of time. The kids had 90 minutes to bounce, they took a picture of all the kids at the base of the big slide, shoes on, coats gathered, off to the snack room.

I had a couple of issues. First, the girl working at the base of the slide spent some time on her phone texting, then she’d turn around to the last kid down the slide and warn them about the rule about sliding down on the bottom, and not in a friendly way. Second, at the end of the 90 minutes they gave the kids no warning that their time was up, they just stopped all activity. Lil’bug was not happy. I used the ‘party’ and ‘cake’ words to lure her to the base of the slide for the picture and then out to the party room.

I’m fairly certain we’ll be back there again. The other parents were impressed. The kids had so much fun. If we don’t get back before then, I’m thinking I might have Lil’bug’s 4th birthday party there, because really, the kids were so overdue for releasing some energy.



  1. we have one of those around the corner from our house. the girls went to one party there and were bored after 15 minutes, but they were older than Lil Bug

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