Posted by: ladybughugs | February 18, 2009


Lil’bug’s latest word? Whatever, or WHAT-ever. Inflection, stress, ‘tude? Whatever you want to call it, is correctly positioned for effect. As if tomorrow she’ll be a teenager.

On the up side? Last week Lil’bug slept in her own bed, through the night, three four nights in a row. Yes, she was on the crib mattress on the floor next to my bed. Yes, she attempted, two of the three four nights, to crawl into bed with us. It took 45 minutes on Sunday night and about three minutes last night to talk her back down to her place. This week we’re back to square one, she will not lie down to go to sleep in her bed.

I’m looking for ideas to distract her when it comes time for Scout to start attending Boy Scout meetings. Last night, after his basketball game (they won! 29-23!), H took him to visit one of the troops in our area along with the other boys in his Cub Scout den. She howled. She wanted to goooo! She pitched a ginormous fit. She’s been attending Cub Scout pack and den meeting since she was a newborn, so now she thinks, ‘why not?’.


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