Posted by: ladybughugs | February 19, 2009


Now, if only I could find the right charger.

Is it just us or does everyone’s chargers multiply when they sleep?

We have chargers and cables everywhere.

At Christmas, three almost-identical cables for various LeapFrog products entered the house.

We have chargers for phones we never owned…I think my mother brought them over one weekend thinking we might use them for something. Um, like what? Oh, right, thanks for thinking of us, Mom!

There are chargers for Scout’s Nintendo DS and the portable DVD player that has saved us from imminent torture-by-bored-toddler enough times for it to pay for itself in our sanity at least twice over. What is sanity worth, anyway? That DVD player gave me time the day of my mother’s move from the house in which I spent the second part of my life to her condo and it got us to Hawaii and back, sanity intact. What a deal! Then there’s the charging base for Lil’bug’s Leapster2. The Leapster2 came in at Christmas, the charging base sometime early in January. I think it’s already paid for itself in AA batteries not bought.

We have two different charging cables for two different models of iPods. What were we thinking!? What was Apple thinking? Why can’t they all be the same? You know, universal?

Last week I couldn’t find the charger for my cell phone. When it finally turned up it was where I’d already looked for it, twice. It’s not a huge deal, because I can always charge it using the auto adapter, unless I lose that too…which might have happened. There is also the charger for the Bluetooth. We need to unplug chargers so we can plug in other chargers to charge other critical instruments required for running our lives.

This week it’s the elusive wine bottle opener and camera battery chargers that are causing fits in our house. On Monday I looked everywhere for the charging cable for our wine bottle opener. (What did I do before the electric wine bottle opener came into my life?) The obvious place would have been the cabinet over the stove where the unit itself is supposed to be stored; it wasn’t there. H suggested, by phone, because I called him, because this is important!, the cabinet where we keep small appliances (blender and food processor) or the cabinet where he stores his hot pot for making coffee…nope and nope. He found it yesterday in a drawer. I wonder if it’s seen the charger/cable for the camera; it’s not in the box it came in (the last place I saw it), so I can’t imagine…

Our dining room table, where the computer currently resides, is a mass of cables. I wouldn’t be surprised if we found the camera charger hiding out there, camouflaged.

The dashboard of my van is starting to look like the dining room table. There is the cable for the GPS that snakes its way from the holder attached to the lower left corner of my windshield to the lighter (does anyone still use those for what they were originally intended?) and the vehicle adapter for my cell phone. On any given day I have to decide whether it’s more important to know where I’m going or have a charged cell phone. Fortunately, my van was built with a second (and third) lighter in the middle and back rows so Scout can plug in the vehicle adapter for his DS back there. I guess Ford saw us coming.

I’m getting to the point that I pick up a charging cable and have to think about what it goes with. I’m thinking that I might need to start labeling them.

The cell phone manufacturers are finally getting it. Yesterday they announced that the majority of new models would include a universal charger by the beginning of 2012. I wonder if they’d be so kind and make it so it would charge the battery in my camera…


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