Posted by: ladybughugs | February 20, 2009

Boo-cat is back, safe.

She must’ve gotten out yesterday afternoon when H was cleaning the pellet stove. He opened the sliding door and stepped away for a minute to get a rag and she must have taken advantage of that opportunity to go exploring.

It was 18° outside last night.

This morning she wasn’t harassing H like she usually does, getting under foot, being a nuisance, and he noticed, so he mentioned it to me when he woke me up. We looked around the house in some of her usual hiding places and didn’t find her. We opened the door and she didn’t appear.

After he left for work I went back outside on the deck and called her. I heard her meow so I knew she was outside. I called again and again and followed the sound of her meow, trying to block the sound of the birds that were also replying to my calls. I traced the sound to the corner of the deck by the kitchen, but it seemed that she wasn’t directly under me. I went around the corner of the house and looked under and saw two small greenish glowing spots. I got a flashlight from the house and sure enough it was the cat. She was close to the basement window that originally faced the backyard, but now looks out under the deck.

Scout helped me move a shelving unit to open the window and the cat moved away. Okay, so she’s not hurt and she can move, she just chooses to not move in our direction. Time’s up, cat. I didn’t have time for this in the first place, I had to get ready for work and get the kids ready for school/preschool. I called H with an update.

He is slow at work this week month (economy, bah!), so he left work, picked up a can of tuna (hey, he says, those key tag thingies really do work!), and lured the cat out far enough to grab her.

I emailed Scout’s teacher asking her to let him know so he can stop worrying. I could tell he was concerned as we were leaving the house and driving to school this morning.

Happy ending.


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