Posted by: ladybughugs | February 20, 2009

Three Going on 13

Last night, after arriving home after two basketball games, I was trying to get Lil’bug to bed so I could review Scout’s homework with him. He wanted to eat. I wanted Lil’bug to go get her pajamas on, already. He went to take a shower, because, ‘Dude! you just played TWO basketball games!’

It’s past both your bedtimes, LET’S MOVE IT!

Lil’bug hopped on the scale (which was sitting on the floor in the kitchen), put her hands on her hips with her wrists flipped in so it was the back of her hands on her waist, and exclaimed, ‘oh, man!’

She hopped off and did it again.

Me (somewhat patiently): Lil’bug, go get your pajamas on.

She did it again, a little less patiently than the first two times.

Me (a little less patient): Lil’bug, pajamas, now.

She did it again, with a little bounce in her knees.

This is when I, as a parent, will step in and physically help the child start moving in the direction of the bathroom. Fortunately, she didn’t protest…too much.

I felt like I was looking into a crystal ball to my future.

She is 34 pounds.


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