Posted by: ladybughugs | February 20, 2009

Update in bullet form

A bunch of random bullets…

  • Last night Scout’s 5th grade team won their basketball game, 41-36. Scout had a really great game, scoring nine points. We stayed so he could play with the 6th grade team, but they lost 10-49, or something as equally ridiculous. The fifth grade game was exciting. They led at the end of the first period, 9-1. At the end of the second and third periods the other team had come to almost catching up. In the fourth period they tied and then scored again. We were on the edge of our seats. In the last two minutes the game could have gone either way. In the last 30 seconds it could have gone either way!
  • On Wednesday, Scout went to work with me; school was closed for mid-winter break. At lunchtime we went out to get something to eat and he asked to go to a bookstore to get a new book (he’s been rereading the Harry Potter books). So we stopped at Borders and he picked out this. $20. I have a Borders Rewards card and usually have a coupon sitting in my email inbox. I asked him to wait until I could check my email to see if we could save $4, $6, or even $8. I told him I could also request that the store closer to home pull it and hold it for us. I did not have a coupon in my email and the store did pull it and hold it for us. I haven’t had the time to go pick it up. Yesterday, I checked to see if had it for less and yes, they did, $13.59 actually, and there were other items I’d been holding off on purchasing so I had more than enough to make the total to get free shipping. Now I’ll be hearing him ask every day if his book arrived. It’s supposed to ship next Wednesday, so maybe it will arrive by next Friday. This morning I received a coupon for 40% off the list price of any one book at Borders. Of course!
  • Lil’bug’s new favorite word? Well. Well, weellll, weeellllll… When she wants something and is trying to negotiate for it she leads with the well. The more desperate she gets, the more drawn out whiny it gets…weeellllll. She’s also using ‘What the heck?’ a lot. The phrase, of course, is accompanied by the flip of the hands to palms-up.

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