Posted by: ladybughugs | February 27, 2009


One of Scout’s coaches called me with a dilemma. Scout’s CYO basketball team made it into the playoffs (way to go, guys!). The first game is on Saturday, conflicting with an already scheduled school game. The CYO team has 12 guys and two have always sat out, on a rotating basis. The school team has six guys and the coach tries to have one or two fourth graders ‘play up’ to give our guys a break throughout the game. Should he go to the CYO playoff game where he’d hardly be missed or the regular season school game where he’s one of the strongest players and would most definitely be missed?

There is a mom at Lil’bug’s preschool who leaves her 5-ish-year-old boy in her idling car in the parking lot while she takes the younger sibling into the building. She can’t see her car or her older child while she’s inside. The older child, by law, should be in a booster seat, he’s not. (The State of New Jersey has decided that the benchmark for graduating out of a booster seat is eight years or 80 pounds; he is neither.) The TV show, What Would You Do?, comes to mind here. I’d hate to say nothing and then have something bad happen. Am I butting in too much if I point out the dangers of what she’s doing. I understand it’s easier to leave the older child in the car, but even at age 10 I don’t leave Scout alone in a parking lot. What would you do?

This afternoon I went up to the cafeteria after a telecourse that ended at about 1:00. I was hungry. In front of me in line was a woman trying to decided what she wanted for lunch. One of her choices was carved flank steak and she really wanted it. Today, being a Friday during Lent, she was not supposed to eat meat. She hemmed and hawed, my stomach rumbled and my legs were growing weaker by the minute. Her friend was convincing her she should eat what she wanted. “God doesn’t care what you eat for lunch!” She loudly proclaimed. “He’s not keeping a scorecard and won’t keep you out because you had meat for lunch!” She knew this, how? Really, if she’s got some kind of insider connection whereby she’s learned the ins and outs of getting in, I’d like to know. I took turns glaring at both of them, because really, once you’re done deciding I have to wait until the swiss cheese on my tuna melt is done melting.



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    • Thanks for your comment, Mike. Stop by anytime.

  2. 1. Let Scout decide where he’s going. Five years from now it won’t matter which game he plays in. But could they reschedule the school game??? Just a thought.

    2. Regarding the Mom with the kid in the car — I’d say something to someone in the school and maybe a note could be sent home to all the parents — or all the parents in the young child’s class — with a caution about leaving children unattended in a car in the school lot.

    3. Be patient. Glaring doesn’t make you any friends.

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