Posted by: ladybughugs | March 6, 2009

Not Friendly

Last week, while Scout had basketball practice, Lil’bug and I had a little quality-time at Target. We were out of pull-ups so, while an orange bouncing ball distracted the boys we decided to take care of business. (While she has been trained since September she still has accidents at night and since she still ends up in my bed most nights/mornings I’m not taking a chance.) After Target she wanted to go to her favorite fast-food burger place, for which I was not in the mood. There’s only so much of that a sane adult can take (and this adult, sane or not, gets way too much of it during basketball season), and then one has to put a foot down. The mall, which contains one of those places along with a food court full of alternate choices, any of which I might have been willing to stop at, was right across the parking lot. I entered through a different entrance than usual, away from the place where she wanted to go, hoping to distract. I walked the length of the food court and she wasn’t interested in any of it.

“Are we going to McD’s now? Where is McD’s?”

She wanted a cheeseburger.

I was able to convince her that she could have a cheeseburger at Friendly’s and so we went in and got a table. Before we even sat down she announced that she had to go potty. I took this as a good sign. She usually waits until the food is sitting on the table and then I have to get up, leaving our hot food unattended; something that really gives me the creeps. Entering the ladies restroom I was greeted by an overwhelming sick-sweet air freshener smell. Bearable, but not pleasant.

The service was slow, a reminder of why I don’t like eating there. Everything took longer than I expected. She ate her cheeseburger sliders, I ate my meal.

Then, we ordered the ice cream that came with our meals…and waited.

We got our ice cream…and waited for the bill.

Then she had to use the restroom again. It was occupied.

How does a restaurant with seating for about 100 have one restroom? She waited…not easy for a toddler. I was still waiting for the bill…standing by the table with my coat on, in an attempt to send a clear message to the wait staff that hey, I’m ready. It took five minutes to get the bill while Lil’bug waited for the restroom. I finally paid the waitress, who it seems did not make coming back to collect the payment a priority, and the mom/daughter came out of the restroom. We went in…and then walked out. The restroom we’d been in earlier, with the overwhelming odor of sick-sweet air freshener had been replaced by a restroom with another overwhelming odor. I couldn’t stand it. I ushered Lil’bug, quickly, up the stairs to the food court and it’s newly renovated, much larger, much cleaner, and much less offensive restroom.

After taking care of business we washed hands and found, attached to the wall, a sharps container.
What!? This really threw me. What the heck was that doing there!? It seems to me anyone with a legitimate reason to carry a syringe would have a plan for carrying it out to dispose of, properly, at home or where ever it is they dispose of these types of things normally. Why would they install a sharps container in the restroom at the mall?


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