Posted by: ladybughugs | March 7, 2009

Holy COW!

Yesterday I was with my carpool partners, driving home from work, when something odd appeared in front of me. I was gaining, slowly, on something moving in the same direction as I and I couldn’t quite make out what it was. Slowly, slowly, I inched closer, traveling just slightly above the speed limit of 65 mph.

Finally, I said something to the girls. “What is that?”

“Is that a cow?”

The one in the back seat turned left and right and then back trying to figure out what I was talking about.

The one in the front seat next to me leaned forward and looked hard, trying to make out what it was. “What the heck?”

It was riding facing forward so we had a view of the rear end of this ginormous animal. Nice.

Now, I’ve seen some pretty wild stuff on my commute from Pennsylvania into New Jersey. I’ve seen sections of replacement parts for the Tappan Zee bridge, I’ve seen pieces of modular homes (a lot). I should keep a record of these things. I still see new odd things now and again, but this? this was beyond anything I’d ever seen. This beat everything.

Cow Sighted on Highway

Cow Sighted on Highway

You can see more here.



  1. Gotta love that giant cow!

    Definitely not something you see everyday. Fun to see. And to think…if we left five minutes earlier or five minutes later we might have missed it! ~lbh

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